Poster Submission Guidelines

Posted on August 3, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Poster Submission Guidelines

You have been asked to use a poster to present your research proposal. Posters are a way in which professionals, especially researchers, present their work, typically at conferences. Their purpose is normally to educate others about your research findings or to get feedback/critique on a research proposal.

There is a lot of information about posters on the web – have a look. Much of this is very useful, but please remember, you have been asked to cover a specific range of issues in your poster. For example, in your poster, you will not have any ‘results’ to report as you have not yet completed your study. Make sure you stick to the brief.

A further comment is that, unlike in normal settings, your poster will not be displayed on a wall and you will need to submit it electronically. For this reason, the paper size setting wil (outlined below) will be substantially smaller than you would for a normal poster.

Posters are intended to be visually attractive and convenient ways of conveying information, so you will need to spend a lot of time thinking about the way that you can put it together. Also, you need to be very careful about your choice of words, the low word limit means that each word is valuable.

Submission requirements

  • Paper size and font
    a. You must produce your poster that would be A3 size if printed. This is the only size which will be accepted. (This is usually found under ‘Page Settings’)
    b. The font size should be either 7pt or 8pt. This will be readable on an A3 sheet.
  • Format
    a. you can produce your poster in a range of software packages (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher)
    b. You will need to submit the work electronically in a PDF format on Turnitin under the ‘Poster April 2013’ entry.
  • The poster should fit on 1 page. If you really struggle with this, you may go up to 2 pages. However, you should really try to make it fit on 1 page, whilst remaining well presented and visually attractive.


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