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Software Process Assessment and Determined


Hr functionalities today used to be considered as a portal rather than a personal perspective. Now different firms over the world access services associated with HR utilizing web-based applications and technologies that change practices of human resource management. These changes are generally associated with the improvement of services and cuts of costs. Here most common practices are automated HR administration and that does not provide a relevant competitive advantage in the process (Canedo et al., 2017). Organizations here should determine technological aspects for transforming HR practices and to market their brand perspectives. 

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Improvement Aspects 

This is an evolving stream that utilizes technology-based aspects of the profession as per the needs of the organization. These improvement aspects are:

  • To reduce burdens of administrative aspects by streamlining practices of the HR process. 
  • Reducing the costs associated with compliances and administration. 
  • Improving aspects of access to data and services for managers and employees. 
  • For managing HR effectively real-time metrics should be evaluated for spotting trends and workforce management efficiency. 


As per technological concerns here “e-HR” could be utilized for transforming aspects of HR services delivery utilizing web-based technology aspects. This requires fundamental changes in aspects for the professional roles and should master the skills and knowledge associated with HR functionalities.

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Here HRIs could be determined as an employee database that would be used by a small company or a multi-million dollar firm.  In-house technology development here would be helpful using external vendors for providing complete HR solutions in the process (Sivathanu et al., 2018). Advantages of HRIS here include the use of technology for improving selection, recruitment, performance, training, compensation, performance management, etc.   

Data Warehouse and Data Mining Tools 

This is helpful in supporting decision-making perspectives. Here data warehouse could be used as a centralized respiratory for selecting HR data that gets managed from the live data. Here data analytical tools could also be used for managing advanced statistical measures for discovering aspects of procedures, practices, and policies associated with organizational outcomes (Marler et al., 2017)

Other relevant tools that could be utilized in the process are E-recruiting, E-learning, E-selection, E-performance management tools that could be integrated into a centralized HRMS system. 

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