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Covid Test Reporting System

You were asked to create an online form that will record Covid tests for employees for HR to be able to manage the health and safety of staff during the pandemic. The employees will simply log on to this online form, fill in the details of the test (date, test type, results, symptoms, etc), upload a screenshot of the test results, identify which department they belong to and the departmental head and click submit. An employee with positive test result with no underlying symptoms as well as a negative test result will be allowed to work. A positive test result with underlying symptoms will generate a “Stay-At-Home for 14 days” email message sent to the employee, the respective department head, and HR. After 14 days, the sick employee will be sent a reminder notice to log in again and send the latest test results and come back to work immediately after tested negative. This system will be most helpful for HR to allocate casual staff to replace sick employees specifically in the manufacturing floor in order not to disrupt the manufacturing process at the time of the pandemic.

You were asked by your boss to design and develop this system as quickly as possible based on the company’s requirements with your own assumptions. You will be the project manager for this project, with the assistance of two other junior programmers.



  1. a) Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that lists all the steps to complete the project based on this project schedule:
Task Description Duration (Days) Predecessor Tasks
A Determine user requirements 1
B Data collection 3 A
C Feasibility analysis 4 A
D System documentation 5 B
E Management presentation 1 B, C
F System design 7 E
G Purchase hardware (including delivery wait time) 14 F
H Install the system 7 F
I Test system 3 G, H

WBS can be hand-drawn or using a suitable software application.

  1. b) Develop PERT/CPM chart explaining the early and late start for each task. Identify the critical path and the total time to finish the project based on this project schedule. PERT/CPM chart can be hand-drawn or using a suitable software application.


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