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Managing Human Capital Entrepreneurship

What are the employees’ perceptions on factors influencing organizational changes and the internal and external factors causing these changes: McDonald’s case study?

Research Activity

The research activity will be conducted to get an insight into the perception of employees relating to the vital internal and external elements that influence organizational changes. The scenario concerning Mcdonald’s will be studied. This field would allow the exploration of various components that are powerful enough to alter the functional aspects of a concern (Kiptoo & Mwirigi, 2014). Since such factors exist in all industries and environments, the analysis of the topic would help to improvise the management skills that have been acquired during the Masters’s course so that it could the knowledge could be used in the future (Anderson, 2016).

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Sources for the research

Several publicly available sources will be used as secondary data for the particular chosen field of research relating to the employees’ perceptions of factors influencing organizational changes and the internal and external factors causing these changes (Rizescu & Tileag, 2016). Since there are a large number of micro as well as macro factors that operate and bring about changes in an organization, a variety of sources will be used to identify the majority of elements and the perception of organizational employees towards the same (Tran & Tian, 2013).

Research Question

The research question that can be answered using the collected secondary data would be: What are the key factors that influence organizational change in the current business scenario?

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Variable used

The main variables that would be used to answer the particular research question include external elements like competitive environment, complexity, etc, and their impact on the organizational culture and strategic model. The relationship between the identified elementfactorsbe explored (Voiculet et al., 2010).

Search Terms

The search terms used in Google Scholar to identify literature in the field of the research question include: Organizational change, external environment, internal factors, Organizational structure

Selection of Articles

5 Selected articles that can be used to write the literature review in the area of field of research.

The primary objective would be to use the journal papers to identify several factors that operate inside and outside the organization that influence the overall change and the strategic planning process in business organizations.

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