Project’s Attributes

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What is a project, and what are its main attributes? 

A project can be described as temporary series of interrelated tasks and activities that are professionally planned and executed and perhaps completed over a given period of time with the aim of reaching some specific outcomes or a set of inputs and outputs that are required to be deployed to realize a particular goal that is of competitive advantage. Most of the conventional projects constitute attributes such as temporary, uniquely deliverable, and progressively elaborated (HBR Editors, 2016). Projects are temporary in the sense that they have a specific finite beginning and a finite ending when all the specific project objects have been achieved. Secondly, projects are uniquely deliverable since every project targets to produce an actual product, results, or service that are able to address some challenges that existed there before. Also, most of the projects seem to be progressively elaborative as they are improved on a daily basis as they advance to the next stages to produce more accurate outcomes. 

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Why is a project different from what most people do in their day-to-day jobs? 

A project is different from day-to-day jobs in the sense that projects require stepwise planning and assembly of essential resources such as capital, time, and perhaps aim to be achieved within a limited timeframe. Also, a project has defined beginning and ending with some specific outcomes anticipated as opposed to day-to-day activities which can be done at a random pace without definite procedure (HBR Editors, 2016) 

Explain the importance of top management commitment and the development of standards for successful project management. Provide some examples to illustrate the importance of these points based on your experience on any type of project. 

The importance of top management commitment to the development and successful management of a project is its presence, and effortless support will have provided the much-needed clarifications of various objectives, project goals, and expected outcomes to avoid any inconveniences along the way when the project is underway. (Naybour, 2015) It also approves resource allocation that creates a robust standard for the expected results. Additionally, top management also set project developmental standards that sustain the success of the project. A good example that is based on establishing project standards is given by a dam project that needs to be started on a particular water catchment area. Top management sets into approval the construction site, assess any risks on the catchment area and perhaps monitor the project’s progress.

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Explain the individual challenges that an IT project presents.

Unique challenges an IT project presents cab attributed to the scope for the project modification and expansion based on its requirement stipulated by the clients. Also, creating project compatibility with other related supportive machines and systems can be a great challenge (Naybour, 2015).

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