Property Appraisal

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Property Appraisal

Task 1

Hi there! I’m Gail Vanderburg, the Sales Manager at Virtual Realty.

We have recently been distributing flyers around Blue Sky City to promote our agents and build our profile in the community. As a result, we got several calls from potential customers who received a flyer and are now asking us to conduct a property appraisal.

As a real estate agent you will perform many property appraisals. This involves inspecting the property, comparing it to other similar properties and then presenting a property appraisal report to the customer.

For this task, you need to appraise 23 Barran Street, Kaluka for a potential customer.

Property Appraisal

To complete this property appraisal you will carry out the following steps:        

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  1. To find out information about the property and its owners, obtain the Certificate of Title from the Government of Blue Sky City website.
  2. To view the condition of the property, inspect the property via the Map in your Briefcase.
  3. To compare the property to others in the area, perform a comparative market analysis using properties in the REIBS and Government of Blue Sky City websites. Record this information on the Comparative Market Analysis form in the Forms section of your Briefcase.
  4. To find factors that may affect property price, read the archived articles in the REIBS website and visit On the grapevine. Investigate the state of the market using On the grapevine.
  5. To record important information for the agency, update the Virtual Realty database, which is contained in the Databases section of your Laptop.
  6. To determine the property’s value, compile the Property Appraisal Report using the documents you have gathered during the appraisal process.
  7. To give your potential customer the appraisal price and to try to win the listing, present the property appraisal.

                Your online teacher will provide additional instructions to assist you with this task.

You’re welcome to start appraising 23 Barran Street, Kaluka now, using the resources listed above. If you would like some assistance to carry out the steps in the appraisal process, please look through the Property Appraisal section of the Virtual Realty Training Manual by clicking the icon on your right.


Remember to save your work as you go. Good luck!      



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