PROPOSAL – A Family Friendly City

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Executive Summary

Melbourne is a happening city where the core strength lies in its people. One of the major goals of the “Future Melbourne citizens” is to make the place a “city for the people” by making it a great place to be, strengthening the community, introducing affordable living for the residents, developing affordable community facilities and services, making it a family-friendly city and supporting the homeless people. The project proposal has been designed to focus on the priority of making Melbourne a “family-friendly city”.



The fundamental aim of the project is to strengthen the facilities for the families that live in the location by strengthening the education setting, healthcare setting, and overall environment. The challenges of people could be addressed by strengthening the current facilities (, 2018). 

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High-level project description

The project would fundamentally focus on the core necessities of a family such as the safety and security aspects, kid-friendly amenities, friendly people and community members, and proximity to necessities. The project would strengthen the overall community setting of Melbourne (, 2018). 

Project Boundaries

The project would be limited to Melbourne city and it would try to make the place family-friendly.

Key deliverables

The key deliverables of the “Future Melbourne 2026” would include better amenities for the families in form of a better educational system, banking facilities, and a robust security system (Heagney, 2016).

High-level requirements 

The key features of the project include improved safety aspects, a robust service and facility model including urban location, and proper communication facilities. 

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Assumption and Constraints 

The project would fundamentally focus only on Melbourne. Some of the main constraints that could arise include a lack of sufficient financial, cooperation from local bodies and a lack of initiative from the community members.

Overall project risk 

The main risks would include financial risk, risk relating to the uncertain social and political settings, technological volatility, and ambiguity about the changing community member requirements (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017).

Project objectives and related success criteria 

The core criteria include quality, safety, and stakeholder satisfaction objectives. 

Summary milestone schedule 

The major events in the project include improved city facilities and higher customer satisfaction.

Approved financial resources 

The funding would come from national bodies and local bodies. 

Key stakeholder list 

The main stakeholders include community members mainly families, local agencies, government, and project partners. 

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Project exist criteria 

The key metrics and performance of the project would be carefully designed so that the fundamental objective of the project could meet the needs of the stakeholders.

Assigned project manager, responsibility, and authority level 

The project manager would be Mr. Dean Kal who would be responsible for managing and allocating available resources, personnel, and other necessities.

Name and authority of the sponsor or other person(s) authorizing the project charter 

Mr. Kevin Jones, the President of the local community of Melbourne would sponsor the project along with other local and city level bodies.

The Gantt Chart highlights the time that would be consumed to plan, design, and implement the project “Future Melbourne 2026”

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The project would try to make Melbourne a friendly city for family members so that they could have access to the basic amenities. Such features would help to strengthen Melbourne city to be a family-friendly place.

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