Psychological Testing and Assessment

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The reliability coefficient of the internal consistency of 0.92 indicates a high level of internal reliability. This means that the tests which are based on the number of items to be evaluated and the constructs of internal reliability have higher chances of generating reliable results (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2017). The test score of 0.92 also indicates that the tested items measure the same construct. The alternate forms reliability coefficient is vital when the tests have many forms of a test. The alternate forms reliability coefficient is important as it makes sure that developers create tests that test the same thing. A reliability score of 0.82 was obtained when using both THING1 and THING2, which is another type of THING test. The significance of this is that it shows a moderate chance of testing being done on the same items. There is therefore a need for tweaks to be done in the constructs and tested items to ensure reliability and accuracy of the test outcomes (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2017).

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Test-retest reliability is vital as it provides evidence that the tests are reliable over time. Reliability is determined by looking at the similarity of the test results from one individual performed at separate points in time (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2017). A test-retest reliability coefficient of 0.50 indicates that the tests are not reliable over time. It also shows that the test produced varying results over time. Testing forms an important psychological aspect. It is therefore important that tests taken are dependable, accurate, and reliable to make operations easy. To provide areas for improvement for administrators, the tests developed should be reliable to offer accurate results. What should be done to obtain accurate, reliable and dependable test results over time?

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