Psychology and Global Issues of the 21st Century

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Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law Assignment

Assessed intended learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to: Explore how psychological theory and concepts apply to contemporary global issues.

Knowledge and Understanding :

1. Integrate knowledge from different approaches in psychology e.g. cognitive and social psychology.

2. Apply psychological theories and concepts to selected contemporary global issues.

3. Critically evaluate key theories and research relevant to selected contemporary global issues.

Transferable/Key Skills and other Attributes:

1. Communication: oral & written .

2. IT: Word processing assignments, use of e-journals and Blackboard.

3. Managing own learning.

Task details and instructions:

Select one of the essay questions listed below, and answer it using your knowledge of appropriate psychological theory and studies (research). The assignment should be word-processed, include title, total word count, page numbers & reference list (the word count should only count words used in the text of your essay and not count the reference section / list at the end of your assignment).

The essay assessment format is being used to allow you to show your knowledge and understanding of the module topics. The lecture material will be useful and inform the aspects of your answer, but your answer will importantly also demonstrate your self-directed learning and wider reading. You should make use of a range of resources, using predominantly peer reviewed journal articles, but potentially also books/textbooks and reputable websites if necessary.  If at all in doubt, consult with the module leader. Note that Wikipedia is not a valid academic source of information, and whilst it may be a useful starting point for your background reading it should not (in common with other similar sources) be used or cited in your report.

References should be in APA format (see guidelines on Blackboard).

Essay questions – please select and answer one of the following:

1. Critically evaluate the extent to which psychologists understand the psychological dynamics underlying peoples’ attitudes towards state-sanctioned torture.

2. Discuss the role played by psychological processes in the aetiology of extremist groups/cults and terrorism.

3. Critically evaluate the contribution made by psychology to the understanding of the process of inter-group negotiation by peace psychologists and related practitioners.

4. Discuss how well psychologists understand the psychological processes underlying modern political phenomena such as Brexit and Trump.

5. Critically evaluate the efficacy of interventions offered by psychologists in the wake of natural and human made disasters.

6. To what extent has psychology been successful at providing evidence based strategies to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviour? Answer this question by drawing on the literature from one type of environmental behaviour only e.g. household energy consumption, recycling, animal conservation, travel.

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