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CO2 Emissions & Climate scenarios


Different factors determine the health of human beings. Genetics is one of these determinates consisting of age, sex or family history of the disease (Lewis, 2016). It strongly affects the particular human population and creates diseases such as sickle cell disease. Another determinant is poverty. Due to it, several illnesses among people like stress, depression, anxiety, chronic disease, premature death and so on can take place. Among others, there are habits of smoking or consuming alcohol, type of physical activities, diet, socio-economic conditions, social norms and support as additional determinants.

Description of case

Due to the negative impact of health determinates, several health issues generate that affect the physical as well as mental health of an individual. These health issues generally take place associated with the factors as follow:

  • Overweight and obesity generate coronary heart disease, hypertension, respiratory problems, stroke, diabetes, cancers, gallbladder disease, etc.
  • Mental illness gives birth to diabetes, vision or hearing issues, malnutrition, etc (Baldwin et al. 2017).
  • Injury and violence can create trauma resulting in death.
  • Inactivity in physical exercise and lack of nutrition enables to create heart disease, depression, diabetes, and even cancer.
  • Immunization can result in pneumonia or influenza.
  • HIV/AIDS develops massive weight loss, skin rashes or dementia
  • Substance abuse and taking tobacco strongly able to create premature death
  • Pollution in the environment, social discrimination is also responsible to create several health issues


Poverty and genetics are considered the major determinants of health (O’Campo et al. 2015). Due to poverty, people suffer from malnutrition which causes several physical illnesses among them. Children are observed as the prime victim of poverty in several countries. Poverty takes place due to unsafe conditions of people for physical disasters like earthquakes, storms or floods, lacking of opportunities of education, lacking shelter, unemployment and so on. One of the major impacts of poverty on people’s health is improper sanitisation. Due to this, diseases like plague, diarrhoea, and others are spread. Even asthma, giving birth to unhealthy babies, mental disorders, obesity, and overweight issues are also the prime outcomes of poverty. On the other hand, genetic disorders can also strongly create serious health issues. Due to mutation, the genetic disorder can be observed. The mutation is generally inherited in a child from parents or sometimes it also independently takes place (Lynch, 2016). Sickle cell disease is a common outcome of the negative impact of genetics.

Through the arrangement of several initiatives, the human health condition can be improved. Health promotion is one of those initiatives.  Empowerment is a strong way of health promotion through which people are given skills, knowledge, and scopes to improve their sense of controlling the lifestyle and circumstances. The intervention of resources and programmes for the health condition of people or communities is also a strategic way to improve the health condition of people (Eldredge et al. 2016). With the application of relevant models and theory, the simplification of health-related complex issues can be presented which is helpful to clarify the problems and do betterment. Advocacy of social actions, reciprocal determinism and empowerment of health promotion are also beneficial strategies for the development of public health conditions. As per the Ottawa Charter, creating a supportive environment, developing individual skills, establishing healthy public policy, reorientation of health services and strengthening community actions are parts of the improvement of human health (Fry and Zask, 2016). As per the ethical considerations, justice, beneficence, respect for autonomy and non-malfeasance are needed to be maintained. Children unable to take decisions by themselves are also under this consideration. As per the concept, the development of people’s health can be executed by identification of the issue, generation of the solution, development of capacity, arrangement of health promotion actions and finally measurement of the outcome.

Personal reflection

Throughout the assessment, I have learned that to prohibit the attack on public health, we should take stern steps socially. Poverty should be reduced and genetic issues are also needed to be tackled carefully. Through the good health of the population, social development can be executed. Proper health education on sanitisation, lifestyle, etc. can eradicate several major health issues. It is important because through this a safe and healthy world can be created.


Public health is the event of promoting the health of people, reducing the possibility of disease as well as the expansion of the duration of human life. If the reasons for health issues can be eradicated or at least be reduced, the overall betterment of public health can be done. Significantly, it enables to keep the world healthy and happy as well.


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