Public Health in Australia

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Public Health in Australia

On-line Themed Discussion post (maximum 500 words) 

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Related Learning outcomes 1,2,3,4,5 

Value 10% 

1. On-line Themed Discussion post 

Due date: Your submission: Week 4: Monday 7th August (midnight Darwin time) 

Comment on a fellow students post is expected to be done by the same due date 

Topic: Public Health in Australia: Research the effect of cancer on Australia’s population 

Discussion Board Criteria Part 1: 500 word limit 

Public Health in Australia

Choose one type of cancer, some examples are provided but you can chose any you may be interested in researching: 
Breast cancer 
Skin Cancer 
Liver Cancer 
Prostate Cancer 
Discuss the prevalence (health statistics) of this cancer for the Australian population and compare Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. 
Briefly outline the burden of this cancer (DALY/YLL) for the Australian population 
Briefly outline any health policies/strategies which have been developed in association with this 

Discussion Board Criteria Part 2: No word limit 

Comment on at least one other cancer different to the one you chose as presented by another student 

Compare their cancer to the cancer you researched in around 300 words (no strict word limit)

Preparation: Timely completion of study materials (primarily Topic 1, 2, 3 & 4): information pertaining to the above discussion criteria can be found in the learning materials, AIHW web site and set text (both Fleming & Parker Introduction to Public Health and AIHW Australia’s Health 2016); students are encouraged to research using library resources, there is a NUR329 libguide, see the link in the unit and review other websites, journal articles.

Presentation: Use standard academic writing. Reference list at end of document using APA style, at least 3 references should be used including 1 research article (reference does not contribute to word count). Maximum 500 words. No point form or tables. Please note: This is not medical-surgical nursing and the pathophysiology of the disease is not to be included.

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