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The United Nations (UN) plays a crucial role in the world forum. The fundamental reason for the very existence of the UN is to solve the various issues that are faced by different countries of the world. But in recent times, the very purpose of the UN has come under the radar (Mingst, Karns, 2016, pp 284). Even though it came into being as a governing body that would bridge the gap between the rich and poor population and the developed and the developing nations, its contribution to the global platform is being questioned by many individuals and bodies. The United Nations has acted as the arena where nations come and try to make decisions in a collective manner for the common good.  

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Key Theme

The key theme that has been highlighted here revolves around the United Nations which tries to focus on the future of the UN. Many believe that the current model of the UN is ineffective to help the nations deal with the major problems relating to social issues such as poverty, terrorism, inequality, etc. Some suggest that the United Nations must undergo reformation so that it can have the power to make the right decisions to help the countries in need. As per Mingst, Karns (2016), the internal reforms could play a critical role to strengthen its core capabilities and resources to make the world a better place to live in (Mingst, Karns, 2016, pp 289). There are other groups that doubt the very relevance and existence of the United Nations. They believe that the scope of the body is huge but it has not been able to meet all the demands of the people on a global scale. Thus people around the globe are asking the U.N to play an active role to eliminate the world’s ills and challenges.   

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Identification of Strengths and Weakness

The main strengths of the U.N include its instrumental role that focuses on the concept of security and well being of one and all. The “human security” concept is at its core and it guides the body to empower people in the highly dynamic global setting. As per (Thakur (2016), the core values of the UN guide it to enforce effective and relevant rules that can enhance the quality of living of the people on a global scale (Thakur, 2016). The actions that are ultimately taken by the UN reflect the consensus between all the involved governing members. Since all the nations are viewed as equals, the underdeveloped nations feel empowered in the global arena. These strengths make the United Nations an indispensable organization whose existence is necessary to strengthen the governance model at the global level. The involvement of various nations, leaders, and decision-makers naturally strengthens its power to bring about a positive change at the global forum.

In spite of the core strengthens of the United Nations, it has rarely succeeded to live up to the expectations of its member governments. There is scope to remove its ineffectiveness and inefficiencies in resolving global issues such as corruption, poverty illiteracy, malnutrition, terrorism, and many other social evils. As per Thakur (2016), the U.N. has basically failed to link its fundamental objectives with the global governance model and this has not helped it to reduce or remove the gap between the rich and the poor or the developed and the underdeveloped countries (Thakur, 2016). In the dynamic global setting, these loopholes have a detrimental impact on the global population and their living conditions. In order to meet the ever-increasing needs and requirements of the people, there is a need for reform in the UN so that its capacity and power can be used to the core. Currently, the body lacks focus and zeal due to the rise in issues that need to be resolved on priority in different parts of the world. 

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Major questions to be answered

The major question that currently needs to be answered relates to the ways in which the overall effectiveness of the United Nations can be increased. In the dynamic global setting, the needs of the people are increasing. The increasing difference between the rich and the poor are further raising concerns about the well-being of the global population (Thakur, 2016). Thus UN needs to reflect on its scope of activities and the operations that are carried out in order to remove the discrepancies at the global level. The answering of this question would help the body to remodel its objective and empower itself. Such a step would be a key necessity because it would even empower the governing members and the global population. Thus there is a need for the UN to make its management process better. 

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