Recipe for Italian Stuffed Zucchini Slides

Posted on January 21, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Recipe for Italian Stuffed Zucchini Slides

Required ingredients

The below-mentioned recipe is a popular Italian delicacy and is often served as an appetizer complimenting the entree. For the preparation of Italian stuffed zucchinis, the following ingredients would be required. It includes four long zucchinis cut in half vertically, one egg, four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 large boiled potatoes without skin and half pounds of ground beef or pork will be needed for the stuffing. Additional ingredients include salt to taste, half cup of fresh mushrooms, cheddar cheese, half cup of freshly chopped sweet bell peppers, freshly made marinara sauce, 4 medium-sized garlic cloves, Italian herbs and spices like powdered oregano, Italian Basil powder, freshly chopped parsley, dried chilli flakes, one cup of boiled baby corns and crushed black pepper.

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For topping the zucchini slides, half cup of finely sliced black olives, jalapenos, half cup of sliced almonds and parmesan cheese can be used. In order to make the zucchini slides crunchy third cup of breadcrumbs can be added prior to baking the slides. Ketchup can be added to the slides once the slides have been taken out of the oven. Kitchen utensils required for the preparation are a medium-sized spoon to scoop the uncooked zucchinis, a medium-sized frying pan or a skillet, a ladle, a medium-sized mixing bowl and an oven tray.  

 Methods of preparation

The initial process of preparing zucchini slides starts with scooping out the zucchinis vertically, with the help of a medium-sized spoon. All the seeds, along with the pulp need to be hollowed out of the zucchinis, leaving only the zucchini shells. About one-third of the pulp has to be finely chopped along with the boiled potatoes. For the next step, ground beef, pork, egg, boiled corn, breadcrumbs, chopped sweet bell peppers and one tablespoon of olive oil have to be mixed well within a medium-sized mixing bowl. In a frying pan or a skillet, three tablespoons of olive oil need to be taken, followed by the addition of three crushed garlic cloves. With the help of a ladle; oil and garlic have to be sauteed together. Once the cloves turn soft and yellowish in colour, chopped boiled potatoes and zucchini flesh, as well as half a cup of mushrooms have to be added to the oil.

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When the mushrooms soften, the mixture of the meat is to be included. Following this, all the above mentioned Italian herbs are added alongside the salt and are mixed well. This needs to be cooked well under the closed lid on a medium flame. Once the meat turns slightly brown, the marinara sauce along with black pepper powder and freshly chopped parsley is to be sprinkled over the mixture and let to be cooked for another 4 minutes. When the meat is almost dark brown in colour, shaved cheddar cheese is spread evenly over the meat and mixed for the last time. After another 2 minutes, the skillet can be put aside. 

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Before baking the oven tray needs to be properly foiled and greased with a few drops of olive oil to prevent the zucchini slices from sticking to the surface. With the help of a spoon, the meat mixture can be easily filled evenly in

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