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MG926 Managing People in Organisations


This assignment is going to explain one pre-employment test and explain that one type comprehensively. The pre-employment test refers to an assessment that is given to the job candidates prior to hiring. There are 7 pre-employment tests that have been given from which one is required to be chosen based on their level of benefits. 

Identifying an employment test as the most beneficial during the pre-employment process 

From the seven pre-employment tests, cognitive ability tests have been seen as the most beneficial to the employer to identify the best suitable employee for the organisation. Cognitive abilities are associated with intellectual abilities or intelligence. The test includes numerical, verbal, memory, reasoning, problem-solving abilities as well as abilities to process information. Through this type of pre-employment test, employers are likely to look at the general mental ability of the candidates to handle a variety of job responsibilities. As stated by Swanepoel, Grobler & de Klerk (2020), two or more specific aptitudes in cognitive ability tests together, for instance, problem-solving, memory, perceptual skills and reasoning skills are classified as GCA. It has been obtained that employers often assess individuals through cognitive abilities in a variety of practical fields to understand the way impairment in cognitive ability affects performance in individuals’ occupations. 

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Explaining the rationale for choosing the employment test 

Most of the cognitive ability tests cover questions from a variety of subjects, often are shuffled together during the test. Though the subject matters are not difficult usually, candidates face challenges in finishing the test entirely due to time constraints. Therefore, it can be said that cognitive tests are preferred to determine the time management abilities of job candidates as in organisations employees have to deal with a specific timeline of completing a project or deadlines. As demonstrated by Galusha (2017), there is a significant association between cognitive abilities and job performance. It is quite natural that a person having cognitive skills possess knowledge and skills in different domains, therefore that person can facilitate an organisation by rendering more than one team role. Employees have adequate knowledge including problem-solving abilities, and a logical mind reflects that they must be able to work independently as well as thrive within the team. As a matter of fact, the organisation has to invest lower cost and effort to train the employees to have cognitive skills. Moreover, cognitive function testing often acts as a part of psychological screening of potential candidates to check whether the applicants can meet necessary job roles and along with that ability to work as a multi-tasker (Galusha, 2017). It has been stated that the majority of people are engaged actively in task switching that in simple cognitive tasks is connected with a rise in reaction time as well as error rates. Therefore, cognitive ability tests are the most significant to examine cognitive efficiencies such as attention, working memory, processing speed and other elements of intelligence fluid. 

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The study has chosen cognitive ability tests as being the most beneficial from the given several pre-employment tests. This particular type has been chosen to examine how applicants perform in dynamic situations by applying their knowledge and accordingly male decisions.

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