Reflective Analysis On Presentation As Midwife Responsibilities Of Pregnancy

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While I represented my presentation as a midwife, my first work is to support women and their families through pregnancy and in the time immediately after birth examination and monitoring pregnant women (Medeiros, et al. 2019 ). I wanted to inform people in rural areas who do have not perfect ideas and their unconsciousness about pregnancy and maternity and I also created a presentation for this. In my presentation, I have tried to educate patients as well as their partners and family members on reproductive health, preparation for their parenthood, and antenatal. I shared how to teach patients pain management techniques to prepare them for labour in my presentation. This presentation would be better if I have included after delivering care of babies and patients in birthing centres, patients’ homes, or hospitals as well as providing emotional support.

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My presentation not only helped the audience to understand the healthcare of pregnancy but also helped the requirements and process of planning before pregnancy and maternity. While I showed my presentation I spoke clearly and in a loud voice so that the audience could understand clearly and asked me questions about any requirements if needed. As this is an important matter in our life but it is treated as a shameful topic in our country and it is a rooted idea that maximum people do not discuss with others., for this when I presented this I felt uneasy and my body language was not appropriate (Jessee, et al. 2018). But I would try my best. I have tried to understand the most common complication of pregnancy like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, preterm labour, miscarriage, anaemia, infections, breech position. In my presentation, I could understand that effective communication should enable both the midwives.


I think my presentations were so easy that the audience could understand smoothly. In my presentations, it was a short time to analyze this topic but I tried to discuss all related topics. I could also discuss bleeding and pain in early pregnancy, light-headedness, abdominal and pelvic discomfort (Nasution, 2018). If I had to do the same task again I will try to improve my presentation. These days a large part of people are addicted to drugs and it is a high risk of miscarriage.

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In this presentation, I tried to carry out my duty as a midwife and also carried out a special duty to inform society on pregnancy and maternity issues.  I think I am wrong in some ways. I should discuss this matter elaborately. I guess this presentation was 50% right and 50% needed to be corrected. If I will get my next chance at doing a presentation on the same topic I will certainly consult with a specialist who is associated with the issue. Expert analysis will be helpful for me as a midwife in order to incorporate the ideas of critical healthcare issues regarding maternity and pregnancy (Wehling-Giorgi, 2019).  Pregnancy and maternity is a vital issue in the 21st Century and it can be said that my presentation is aligned with the most vital issue which will surely help other midwives and the general people to be well aware and take preventive measures in this case.

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