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1. Introduction

Nursing is a diverse course that constitutes various levels. I have acquired a clinical project in the GCN course which enabled me to experience clinical practices in the real world. Therefore, this study will provide three critical issues that I have faced during my course so that these issues can be evaluated in correspondence to my feelings from that experience. For this purpose, Gibbs’ reflective model will be used to analyze each issue in detail and will provide insights into the feelings of other members involved in the course and mine.

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2. Reflective Journal

2.1 Reflective 1

The clinical project that I attended was full of experiences. I have learned many new concepts and insights about nursing in real life. However, I observed that there was an issue of lack of knowledge among patients and their families when I was attending the course.

Gibbs’ Reflective Model

  • Description– During my course, a patient came to the emergency ward who was facing critical issues. The nurses and other executives on the premises told the patient’s family to wait outside the emergency ward; However, due to a lack of knowledge about the regulations, the patient’s family protested to come inside the emergency ward (Farzandipur & Azimi, 2016). This leads to conflict.
  • Feeling– I was feeling the intensity of the situation, and I have evaluated that lack of knowledge and understanding is the main cause of such issues. The other patients were disturbed due to such an act. I think that that experience was creating a negative environment in the hospital. Now I think that that issue arose due to the high emotional attachment of the patient’s family with the patient.
  • Evaluation– That experience was very important for me to understand the consequences of a lack of knowledge and understanding among patients and their families. Through this experience, I have explored some real-life issues that could arise in clinical practices. However, the experienced clinical staff managed the situation mindfully and did not contribute to the conflict.
  • Analysis– The experienced clinical staff handled the situation smoothly that’s why the conflict didn’t rise further. However, it was observed that proper knowledge among patients and their families is very important to maintain a healthy environment on the clinical premises. Additionally, linguistic barriers also contribute to such conflicts (Van Rosse, et al., 2016).
  • Conclusion– This experience has taught me that I must develop the quality of being humble in such situations. However, if the medical staff hadn’t practiced cool behavior while handling the situation then, this situation could have led to a serious issue.
  • Action plan– I need to develop the quality of staying calm in such situations to handle such situations effectively. Additionally, I will make significant efforts to provide knowledge and information about the rules and regulations to the patient’s families. Furthermore, I will develop calm and cool behavior so that I can tackle such situations effectively so that such issues do not arise next time.

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2.2 Reflective 2

During my course, I have observed that lack of functionality and communication is also a serious issue contributing to the ineffective management in the clinical premises. An ineffective communication channel is a threat to the efficiency of any organization.

Gibbs’ Reflective Model

  • Description– During my course, I observed that there was an issue of delaying practices and operations due to a lack of functionality and communication. Once, my group members were assigned the responsibility of reporting a patient’s medical condition to the higher authorities; however, they did not adhere to the instructions and neglected the orders. Hence, it was observed that there were no reporting relationships within the premises.
  • Feelings– I was feeling the criticality of the situation, as the patient’s condition was critical, and needed serious and timely attention. However, my other group members were not very concerned about the criticality. Now I realize that I must have taken the initiative to report the patient’s medical condition to higher authorities.
  • Evaluation– That experience was very bad as I was feeling bad about the patient’s critical medical condition. Through that experience, I gained knowledge about the attitudes of my group members and the lack of proper communication within the clinical premises. A lack of a proper communication channel can lead to delays in operations and other activities; therefore, a proper communication channel should be established in every organization (Alkhaqani, 2022).
  • Analysis– I have analyzed that the situation did not go well due to improper and long communication channels, and a lack of reporting relationships within the premises. These practices could lead to delays in operations and could deteriorate the organization’s image. Furthermore, I should have shown the initiative to correct this situation and participated in reporting to higher authorities.
  • Conclusion– I have learned that I am lacking the skills to take initiative and communicate with others. If the reporting relationships have been established in the organization, then, such practices would not take place (Chen, et al., 2017). I need to develop a quick decision-making ability for my professional growth. Additionally, I could have reported the issue to the concerned authorities so that these practices could be reduced.
  • Action plan– I will develop communication skills and the ability to take initiative. I am also lacking confidence; hence, I will engage in some exercises to boost my confidence. I will actively participate in group discussions and give my viewpoints without the fear of being judged.

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2.3 Reflective 3

There are several consequences when it comes to inadequate staffing in nursing such as lack of caring, job stress, etc. (Simpson, et al., 2016). During my course, I have analyzed that there is a lack of resources such as technologically upgraded tools, efficient human resources, etc. in the clinical premises.

  • Description– During my course, I have experienced many challenges faced by patients and staff due to a lack of resources and inappropriate staffing. Some patients with critical conditions needed timely treatment through advanced equipment; however, due to a lack of technological equipment patients suffered delays in operations. Additionally, all the experienced staff was busy dealing with other patients, which created a disturbance in admitting new patients.
  • Feelings– I felt that patients should be provided proper attention and handled with empathy. I was feeling the pain and difficulties patients and their families were facing due to the lack of resources on the premises. I thought that it would negatively impact the reputation of the institution due to inefficient management.
  • Evaluation– The staff did not give proper attention to the new patients since they were busy dealing with other patients. Due to a lack of skills, I was not able to contribute my efforts. The clinical staff refused some patients that they would not get treatment due to a lack of resources, which can act as a threat to the organization’s image and efficiency.
  • Analysis– The patients were denied their right to get treatment due to a lack of technological equipment and staff. I have analyzed that in today’s dynamic technology-driven world, there should be proper storage of technical equipment in clinical institutions. For instance, in cases like the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high demand for technological equipment and skilled staff to cope with such situations otherwise this can lead to serious issues. I have analyzed this situation by applying my critical thinking approach.
  • Conclusion– I have learned that many clinical institutions lack technological and human resources in their organizations. There is a need to develop technical knowledge to improve the situation (Koivunen & Saranto, 2018). Additionally, I should make significant efforts to develop proper technical knowledge.
  • Action plan– I will make significant efforts to improve my technical knowledge so that I can contribute to the clinical industry. I will acquire knowledge with the aid of lectures and seminars. Additionally, I will make people aware of the importance of technological up-gradation for efficient working.

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3. Conclusion

This study can be concluded as I have analyzed three critical issues which I observed during my clinical project in the GCN course. Firstly, I have observed that the lack of knowledge among patients and their families is a common issue in most clinical institutions. The lack of knowledge can lead to arising conflicts. Secondly, there was a lack of functionality and communication in the clinical premises, which led to delays in operations and created disturbance in the institutions. Finally, the lack of technological equipment on the clinical premises is negatively impacting the reputation of the organizations. Therefore, organizations need to develop their communication channels. Additionally, I need to develop the ability to take initiative, respond calmly, and communicate effectively, along with technical knowledge.

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