Reflective Practice

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7MARK001W International Marketing and Communications Management

Part A

1. Reflective practice is the process or ability to learn something new or gain something new from someone’s experience or work which helps to improve your work (Skills you need, 2020).

2. The underlying rationale for reflective practice is that gaining or obtaining the experience from the work of someone else alone does not lead on to gain learning but the crucial self-reflection on the experience one gained is very important (Business balls, 2020)

3. The model of reflective practice is Gibb’s reflective practice model. This model of reflection is very helpful in providing a formation to learning from the gained experiences. The reflection cycle comprises of the 6 stages that are description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan. I feel that this model of reflection is very clear and helps to allow the analysis of the experience gained by a person. It also helps to examine the practice by the practitioner. I also feel that this model of reflection is very helpful as it can be applied to every situation (The University of Edinburgh, 2019).

4. A reflective journal is a place where the practitioner can write down all the experiences that are gained by the reflection. The reflection can be gained out of anything and one can learn either from experiences of something or carry out the self-reflection (Journey. cloud, 2020)

Reading and Response

5. The five advantages that I feel I can have by keeping a reflective journal are as follows:

 Writing a reflective journal helps to get a clear understanding of the objective or goal that is to be attained or the purpose of the journal.

 A reflection journal helps to gain the effectiveness of the experiences that are learned. This means that I will be able to understand how effective my learning experiences which I have gained throughout the research are.

 The reflective journal will also help me to gain new ideas to grow and help to identify new ideas and ways of carrying out things.

 The reflective journal helps me to record my experiences and learning in a systematic way.

 It helps me to document all my learnings in a more organized way and I become more confident to write down my experiences that can help me in the future.

Equipment Sample

Part B

1. My personal goals behind carrying out the industry based project are that I wanted to complete the project in the expected period that was allotted to me. I tried to conduct that at the desired time. Secondly, my goal is that the outcomes of my project are attained in the desired manner and my performance while conducting the research gets enhanced. At the same time, I felt that my goal is also that I utilize all the available resources in a significant manner so that my outcomes of the research are attained in an effective way. Another goal of carrying out the industry project was to enhance my learning’s on carrying out the project. At the same time, I felt that I should attain the same level of quality as it is expected from me. My goal is also to conduct the project as per the generated guidelines so that project turns out to be a perfect one.

Procedure And Resources Required To Identify The Plants

a. I feel that the goals that I set out to carry out this project report are fulfilled to an extent. I felt that I am able to carry out the project in an expected way and I felt that the timeframe which I set to carry out this project was also attained to an extent. At the same time, I also felt that I used the resources in the most desired manner and I strictly followed the budget of my project. I felt that I should have utilized the time provided in a more significant manner so that the outcomes of the project can get along as per my expectations.

b. The three important lessons that I have learned about myself are as follows:

Firstly I learned that it is very important to go as per the timeline that is been provided to conduct the project report. Secondly, I learned that it is very important that all the objectives of the project report
are attained in the desired manner so that the project is completed. Lastly, I learned that it is very important that the quality of the project is not sacrificed at any cost and the project is completed in the decided timeline.

Employee Organization In The Public Sector

2. Reflecting upon the theories

a. The theories, methods, or techniques were not presented in the workplace and the company Seven Mart should have applied these methods that can help to reduce the impact of Covid 19.

b. The company could have adopted or offered a contactless payment offer to the customers, they could have a Fintech option by which the customers can directly transfer the money from their account to the store’s bank account. The company can also use the one by one purchasing system.
a. I followed the research proposal in the most systematic way. I strictly adhered to the guidelines provided, to the time allotted to me. I strictly followed the resources and budget allocated to me for completing the project report in a systematic way. I was able to develop the necessary skills required to frame the research study. I was able to carry out the literature review in the desired manner.

b. I would try to add more objectives to carry out this project so that it can help me better to explore new ideas for attaining the objectives.

I can also try to exceed the given time so that the project report is been carried out in a more significant manner. I can also try to carry out the survey rather than conducting the interview to collect the crucial data.
I can also try to follow the guidelines properly again if I have to carry out this exercise as these guidelines have helped me to accomplish the objectives in a proper way.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

I would have utilized the resources and the budget in a more optimized way.

c. The three things or tips that I can suggest to the students who will be carrying out their industry projects next semester are as follows:

 I would like to tell the students to explore every possible way to carry out their project and to attain the objectives of the report in an expected way
 I would like to suggest the students strictly follow the guidelines which are provided to carry out the project as it will be very effective for them
 In the end, I would like to tell the students that plan the outcomes of the project in advance and always try to complete the project report at the expected time.

d. As per the work placement:

a. As per my understanding regarding the project report, the things that went well are that I was able to attain the goals and the basic purpose of carrying out this project report. I was able to follow all the provided guidelines that helped me to understand the way that is necessary for carrying out the project report.

b. I think that I needed more time to carry out the project report and I personally believe that the resources allocated and budget did not justify my expectations as I required more resources to carry out the report as per my expectations.

c.The things that I could have done differently are as follows:

 I could have carried out a survey rather than conducting an interview to obtain the data and information
 I could have planned in advance, regarding how to carry out the report in a more effective way so that I could have saved my time
 I could have also utilized the resources and budget in an optimized way and had also tried to be more creative in carrying out this project report.

Poter’s Five Forces Model

d. The things that I have learned are:

 I have learned to put the theories into work practice that helped me to give this project a different perspective.
 This project report and work placement have also helped me to gain and develop my skills and develop new ideas that will surely help me in the future to carry out any new projects.

 This project report has helped me develop personally and grow my thought processes in a significant way.
e. The things that I had learned in carrying out this project report will surely help me in the future. I can apply my learnings such as that I have learned to carry out the project in a timely manner which is very important. I will always try to follow up on the guidelines which are provided so that the outcomes turn out in a positive way. I can also use the feedback that I obtained after completing this project report as it will help me in mitigating the risks in the future.

Repetitive Strain Injury


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