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Business Research Sample

Task 1:
You are to choose a topic from the list below, should you want to choose another ethical issue not on this list, please get permission from your teacher first. There is only one topic per group.
Topics: Euthanasia/ Assisted Suicide Child Labour
Abortion Contraceptives
Artificial Insemination Climate Change/Global Warming
Designer Babies Genetically Engineered foods (GMO)
Cloning Human Trafficking
Suicide Capital Punishment
Surrogate Mothers Privacy
Water Rights War
Capitalism/Consumerism Healthcare

Task 2:
Prepare your Powerpoint/Prezi – must include the following:
• Find a specific example from the media where your ethical issue has been called into question. This can be a journal article, news broadcast, clip from a movie of the actual issue. The article must be from a secular point of view.
• Highlight the secular views on the topic, including any visible biases in society.
• Identify and defend the ethical issues(s) surrounding your topic using specific Church Teaching and major course concepts.
• You must defend the Church when presenting the ethical issue.
• You must use at least Four(4) sources;
✓ One source can be either an Encyclical (letter written by a pope) or Catholic Apologetic (a defense or explanation of the teachings, beliefs, or practices by the Catholic Church; its goal is to shed new light on difficult or misunderstood matters) e.g.: Aquinas, Augustine, Pascal, etc. You can find these on the Vatican website.
✓ A second source, must be a quote from scripture (Bible).
✓ At least One (1) source must be from a book.
✓ At least One (1) teaching from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
• Relate and analyze the ethical issue by making connections to course concepts (ex. Human freedom, sin, LISTEN, conscience, basic moral principles, etc. You should be able to relate your topic to at least FOUR (4) concepts discussed in class.
• (When Citing) MLA format
Task 3: Class Discussion
Pose Two Questions to the Class to stimulate class discussion Should relate to major themes or ideas presented in the seminar Should generate class discussion You do not necessarily need to have any concrete answers to the questions posed (Question can be hypothetical in nature) Your two questions should generate a discussion, including a class activity to get the class engaged is also a great idea.

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