RES300 – Research Methods

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DIM22102 Fundamentals of Business Management Practice

Format / Layout of Assessment (details of what to include) (cross the appropriate check boxes)

ICMS Cover Page
Research topic
Reference List

Assessment instructions

You are required to expand on the 10 sources of your Annotated Bibliography and write a Literature Review on your research topic. You must include more sources, however do not exceed a total of 15 sources.

A Literature Review is a structured essay of continuous, discursive prose with an introduction, body and conclusion.

Use the following essay format: (See class notes for an example) (do not use headings)

1. Introduction: (± 200 words)
• Brief background of your research topic/ question
• Writer’s point of view
• Explanation of the organisational structure i.e. purpose statement of what is in the body of the literature review

2. Body: (± 1600 words)

3 or 4 paragraphs, each discussing one thread with:
• Justification of sources
• Synthesise sources
• Critically analyse & evaluate
• Controversy
• Comparative

1 paragraph discussing:

  • Gaps
  • Methodological contribution

3. Conclusion: (± 200 words)
• Summing up
• Final thoughts & evaluation
• Further research

4. Reference List
The writing style for the Literature Review is formal, academic writing. Use full sentences as well as fully developed paragraphs.


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