Research Methods in Social Science

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Health Essay

“Health and Social Care in the UK”


The “Health and Social Care sector” of the UK is one of the most important sectors for the UK due to its general, strategic and economic value. This research will be conducted to identify the role of “health and social care” in the life of the UK. As people from all over the globe visit this place to receive high-quality health facilities and services. It is also renowned for its technology in this field thus proving to be one of the healthcare leaders in the world. Although the research will analyze the impact of the “Covid-19 pandemic” upon this sector of the UK. The research will discuss the frequency of impact alongside the counter-measures adopted by this sector. This research will also analyze the ethical issues faced by this sector during the Covid19 pandemic.

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The “Health and Social Care sector” of the UK is regarded as one of the top-performing sectors in the world (Lune and Berg, 2017). It is renowned around the globe and is known for its excellence through its development of advanced technology. This research will briefly discuss the performance and level of service provided by the Health and Social Care sector of the UK. This research will also include a detailed discussion of the impact of Covid19 upon this sector. This report will also analyze the necessary methods adopted by this sector to minimize the risk. The ethical issues faced by the Health and Social Care Sector are also analyzed in this research.

“Aims and Objectives”

The aim of this research is to evaluate the impact of the “Covid-19” in the Health and Social Care of the UK with special reference to AstraZeneca Plc.

The objectives of this report are as follows:

  • To analyze the health and social care sector in the UK.
  • To evaluate the impact of “Covid-19” on this sector and its consequences.
  • To identify necessary measures adopted by this sector to tackle the situation.

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“Rationale for the Research”

The research has been conducted to understand the “health and social care sector” of the UK. This sector is a prime source for providing “health and social care” facilities to the public of the United Kingdom. A population of more than 60 cores has been facilitated by this sector within the province of the United Kingdom (Green and Thorogood, 2009). During the current pandemic situation, the health and care sector has been severely affected due to its lack of effectiveness. Although the sector has been successful in mitigating the problems, time consideration will always be a subject of matter (Denscombe, 2010). This research will analyze the impact of Covid-19 in the health and care sector of the UK. At the same time, the preventive measures adopted by this sector will be identified and analyzed. This research will help the reader to understand the current scenario of UK health and social care.

“Research Questions”

  • Are the “health and social care” sectors functioning well in the UK?
  • What is the impact of Covid19 on the “health and social care sector” of the UK?
  • What measures were taken to tackle the pandemic?

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“Literature Review”

According to Black et al., (2020), health and social care are controlled by the central authority of the UK government. It is one of the most important functioning bodies in the UK and is responsible for overseeing all the health and social care facilities in the UK. Due to its high use of technology and modern techniques this sector was able to cope with the pandemic situation in less time. In comparison to other countries, the health and social care of the UK was fast reactive and implemented every necessary measure to minimize the risk.

According to Kinman et al., (2020), the “health and social care” of the UK is the most fast-growing and developed sector in the country. It received a high number of patients both from inside and outside the UK during 2019. Due to the pandemic, this sector has not been able to function at its maximum level thus damaging its output. Series of lockdowns have minimized the material required in the health and care sector. It has resulted in the insufficiency of tools and other technologies for the treatment of the people. The counter-measures taken by the companies operating in this sector are a wide adaptation of self-safety procedures, production of required tools and materials within the country.

It can be evaluated that the “Health and Social Care sector” of the UK is prestigious excelling in its products and services. During the period of Covid 19, this sector suffered at the beginning and received a huge impact on its performance. After the first wave, this sector adopted the required measures and developed a strategy to tackle the situation. Although the impact of the pandemic is intense and provided a serious challenge to this sector of the UK.

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According to Iacobucci, (2020), a small number of people received medical attention during the first wave of Covid 19 in the UK. Due to lockdown in the country, the people were unable to receive medical attention in time. Although those people who received medical treatment belong to different economic sections thus the priority of proving health treatment irrespective of the economic level was met. The measures like a place to place health care units, facilities and extensive vaccination program proved to be helpful to counter implication of the Covid 19.

According to Haines et al., (2020), Covid 19 was fatal to the health and social care of the UK. More than 100 thousand people lost their lives to the pandemic which was a big blow to this sector. The inadequacy of the treatment to be provided and insufficient tools and technology proved to be critical factors. The government strategy of developing and producing technology within the UK was not completely efficient as it required time, which was the main resource to be maintained.

Health and social care were effective in the long run treatment of the Covid19 in the UK. Although in the initial phase this sector suffered and resulted in the loss of many lives. It has to be considered that the health and care sector of all nations were suffering initially. This sector of the UK was able to recompose itself and take required initiatives for the tacking of the situation.

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“Methods and Methodologies”

Methodologies can be defined as a set of methods or rules that are used while completing research. The method is a term used to define a “procedure or a set of procedures taken in order to accomplish a specific goal (Kelley-Quon, 2018).”

Primary and Secondary Research

  • Primary research refers to a process in which a researcher themselves perform the research-related activities and generate its outcome. The person to person initiative is taken in the research and the expected outcome is direct in nature.
  • Secondary research can be referred to as a process of collecting research required data through already available sources (Remler and Van Ryzin, 2021). These sources could be books, articles, journals and so on. In this research method, the pre-collected data is used to draw the final conclusion regarding the research.

The qualitative research method can be described as a primary mode of collecting the data. In this research, the mode of interviews and groups observation is used by the researcher for data collection. The quantitative research method will include activities undertaken by the researcher for data collection purposes. The tools for quantitative approaches are questionnaire surveys, feedback and so on.

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Research approach 

The quantitative approach will be adopted by the researcher, and the deductive approach will be used by the researcher to find the end results.

Methods for data collection 

The method used for the data collection in this research will be the primary research method.

Data collection tools

The data collection tool that will be used by the researcher in this report will be a questionnaire survey. It will help the researcher to evaluate the perception of a large group of people.

Tools for data analysis

The tool that will be used by the researcher for the purpose of data analysis is MS Excel.

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“Ethical issues”

Research is a diverse process in which different people of different backgrounds are involved directly or indirectly. The main motive of this type of research is to understand the perspective of the people regarding some specific topic. Although due to an increase in ethical values and needs there are many ethical problems regarding research methods. The term ethical issue can be defined as any act or process that is not morally accepted by the society we live in. Some of the ethical issues faced by the researchers during the compilation of the research are as follows:

  1. The research faces an ethical issue of confidentiality. It has to be pre-advised to the participants that their identity and status will not be highlighted in the research. The notion of harming the status of a person due to participating in the research has to be cleared and potential risk should be minimized (Adams and Lawrence, 2018). It is the role of the researcher to maintain the identity of the participants secure so that it does not affect their day to day life. The consent of the participants has to be taken before including them in the method of data collection. It is the role of the researcher to maintain the anonymity of the participants as the main motive behind including them is to gain different opinions and perspectives.
  2. Another ethical issue in the research is also considered to be the problem of data storage. The researcher after collecting the data must take appropriate measures to safeguard those data. The data could contain some personal information thus can affect the personal life and space of the participants. If the data is collected for academic purpose then both a hard copy and a soft copy has to be submitted to the responsible authority (Byrd, 2021). Sharing that available information should be avoided to minimize the risk of ethical intervention. The researcher can also destroy the collected data after the completion of the purpose to safeguard that information by completely erasing it.
  3. The researcher has to inform the involved participants regarding the main goals and objectives of the research conducted. It has to consider that the participants are well aware of the importance and significance of their valuable opinions (Coyle et al., 2021). The improper informing style has to be avoided by the researcher while consulting research because it will be considered as a breach of ethical consideration. The focus of the researcher should be to avoid deception towards involved participants.

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“The timescale for the research”

Work breakdown structure helps a researcher to break the activities required in the completion of the research.

Activities Start Date End date Duration
Selection of the topic 01-November 2021 03-November 2021 2 days
Justification for the research 04-November 2021 05-November 2021 1 day
Preparing research questions. 06-November 2021 07-November 2021 1 day
Literature Review 08-November 2021 11-November 2021 3 days
Selection of research method 12-November 2021 14-November 2021 2 days
Selection of approach 15-November 2021 16-November 2021 1 day
Selection of tool 17-November 2021 19-November 2021 2 days
Ethical consideration 20-November 2021 23-November 2021 3 days
Findings 24-November 2021 26-November 2021 2 days

Table No.1: Work-Breakdown Structure

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Research Methods in Social Science

Figure No.1: Gantt chart

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Expected Findings

After the completion of the research, it can be identified that the “health and social care sector” of the UK is performing exceedingly well in comparison to others. It needs to be recognized that even during the chaotic environment of the Covid19 pandemic, this sector was performing and trying its best to tackle the situation. Reviewing the situation of the health and social sector of the UK in the current time it should be able to cope up with the changes and meet the requirements. The strategies adopted by this sector in the UK are proper maintenance of surroundings, constant vaccination and medical attention, avoidance of contaminated zone and so on (Majeed, and Molokhia, 2020). This research has helped to understand the significance of health and social care in the day to day life activities of the UK. It also helps in evaluating the frequency of impact upon the health and social care sector by the Covid-19 pandemic. The research has also helped to understand the measures taken by this sector in such a situation. This sector has been a major factor behind minimizing the risk involved with the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

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