Research Proposal Written in English Comes Here

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Research Proposal Written in English Comes Here

Word counting [max 6000]: here

Select your research field:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Quantitative Methods Applied to Management
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship

1. Topic and its relevance for the research field
[Give the background to the topic. Explain how your research project will advance knowledge in our research field.]

2. Research Problem
[Describe de main research problem, and why you consider it a research problem. Which are the practical, theoretical or empirical arguments that sustain it as a possible research problem. Argue about the relevance of the research problem. Present reports, statistics, previous theoretical discussions or empirical findings. Formulate 3 to 5 research questions that disentangle the main research problem into smaller problems. You can use previous published papers or handbooks that help you to better describe and sustain the research questions. For each research question explain how it is related to the main research problem.]

3. Theory and State of the Art
[Succinct review of the literature. Theoretical framework supporting the research problem. Define the main Theoretical and empirical contributions that support your Research questions. If you have a research model you can present it here.]

4. Proposed Methodology
[Briefly describe the methodology that might be useful to provide the answers to your research questions. Briefly define the population/sample that might be useful to get the answers to your research questions.]


[Add all your references in your text here.]

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