Retail Change Theories

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U10477 Foundation Year in Business and Law

Based on retail change theories explain the failure of high street retailers. Choose one of the many retailers that collapsed (shut down their operations) the last 5 years.

For example, Comet see the following link

(Maximum word limit- 2500 words, excluding references, tables and figures)


Presentation, report structure, logical sequencing of discussion grammar, and spelling (10 marks)

  • The work should be written in good English
  • The report must include clear headings and subheadings. Students should avoid excess use of headings and subheadings.
  • The discussion should flow smoothly showing a clear link between the theory and the retailer’s failure

Coverage and appropriate use of theory (30 marks)

Marks will be awarded for identification of the retail change theory.

  • Correct identification of any particular retail change theories
  • Comprehensive discussion of the retail change theory
  • Completeness and clarity of discussion of the retail change theory

Depth of analysis (30 marks)

  • Good critique of the retail change theory.
  • Use of examples from various sources (i.e., books, journals) to back up the critique for the retail change theory.
  • Depth of analysis is also analysis refers to correct citation of relevant references, cross-references, evaluations of the retail change theories.
  • Correct in-text citation of references and critiquing of work cited.

Originality of the answer (20 marks)

  • Originality will be demonstrated by showing evidence of independent thinking.
  • Examples used in the discussion should demonstrate originality and maturity expected of Masters Students.

References (10 marks)

  • 20 or more references are expected to be listed as valid references.
  • References must be cited and or listed following the Harvard system (i.e., the list of references given at the end of this Handbook shows an example of Harvard system
  • References from wikipedia are not acceptable


There are a number of technical rules which you must follow in formatting the final layout of the text. These are as follows.

  • The report should be typed in Times New Romans font, size 12, on A4 white paper of. Lines should be double-spaced.
  • The margins should be not less than 2,5cm. A sheet of A4 in double spacing will produce 29 lines of type and about 300 words, so your report is likely to be 10 pages in length.
  • All pages should be numbered consecutively throughout, including the appendices. The page numbers should be located centrally at the bottom of the page,
  • Any tables, diagrams, figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the report.
  • Run the assignment through Turnitin.
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