Risk Management Report

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BHO0171 E-Commerce Business Models


o Say if you are making any assumptions

  • i.e. you are a huge international company with large funds set aside
  • i.e. you have specialist managers for environment, health and safety

Question 1

o Try and use separate management system for each area

  • H&S, Environmental and Socio-Political

o Don’t have to do hazard identification
o You are saying why you are managing them independently of each other
o Why you use each system

  • What is the system
  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Use journals

o How do management systems fit in with what we are doing at each area;

  • Plan > Do > Check > Act

Question 2

o Pure Risk

  • Always a negative outcome

o Speculative Risk

  • Could be good or bad

o Use 31000

  • Easiest way to do it

o ISO standards are made for integration

  • Same framework: Plan > Do > Check > Act

o Integrated management systems improve performance

  • Reducing red tape
  • Should be lots of journals

Question 3

  • Would be better to discuss those hazards in terms of impact and if you could rank them by severity and likelihood.

o HAZOP would probably be used for gas, it is not welcome in this coursework
o Use PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis)  it would be good to choose

  • Page 10 of Hazard Identification techniques
  • Justify why you are using it

o Risks are just for the construction of the project

  • Main health and safety only
  • Look at the big/main hazards
  • i.e. you are digging holes (people being buried), someone being run-over, someone getting hand sucked into cement mixer
  • Stuff that can kill or seriously injure are the hazards to talk about
  • Must define the stages
  • They recommend 3 stages maximum
  • i.e. Ground Preparation Work, Foundation works, Installation, Commission etc.

Question 4

o Environmental or Socio (NOT BOTH)
o What CSR things the company can do to help the risk

Question 5

o Planning for the worst-case scenario
o If you are doing risk management, why would you not be doing business continuity

Question 6

o Extreme weather or IT reliability is recommended
o You could put some tables for business continuity plan and use hypothetical names

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