SBM3202 Leadership & Governance: ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC

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4013SPO - Exploring Sport and Exercise Science Assignment

Assignment 1: Due date Monday 10 March 

Discuss the essential characteristics for effective leadership found in the recent academic literature. Analyse any one leader of your choice in terms of the best leadership characteristics that you found in the literature.

Assignment Specifications of the Written Report

Length: 1500 words, not including title page, abstract, notes, and references.

Use of scholarly sources: You will need to use at least five (5) scholarly books/articles/reports, in addition to any materials that have already been assigned for the course.

Format and layout: Typewritten using a 12-point Times New Roman font and 1” margins throughout. Reports should include a cover sheet (group assignment) provided in Docs/Forms of this unit on OLS. Report should include a 150-word abstract summarizing the contents of the report. All pages except the cover page should be numbered
consecutively with numbers appearing at the bottom of each page.

Citations and references: All sources should be cited parenthetically in the text and included in a reference list at the end of the paper according to American Psychological Association style guidelines provided in Docs/Forms of this unit on OLS. In APA citation style, all sources cited parenthetically in the text must appear in the reference list and all sources appearing in the reference list must be cited parenthetically at least once in the text.

Appropriate research/theory sources for this assignment include:

  • Scholarly books written on leadership.
  • Scholarly articles on leadership written in academic journals (from EBSCO on OLS).
  • Published organizational reports containing data about your chosen leader’s leadership characteristics/style.
  • Reliable secondary data about your chosen leader found in electronic, print media.

You are welcome to include company reports, brochures and articles on your bibliography, but these citations do not count towards the minimum number of scholarly citations. You should present information and evidence from, and cite, at least five (5) relevant academic references (absolute minimum requirement) beyond the textbook.

Contents of Assignment 1

Cover page


Objective of the assignment, brief finding of your literature review on the desired leadership characteristics, your chosen leader’s brief introduction and brief analysis of your leader in the context of effective leadership.

Contents List

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Current Literature on Effective Leadership

1.3 Chosen Leader’s Profile

Introduction, background, industry/organisation

1.4 Analysis of Leader’s Leadership Qualities/Style

This analysis should be in the light of your literature review

1.5 Conclusion


References in alphabetical order

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