Science of Consumer Behaviour

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CPT – HRE 4M1 Ethical Issues in Our Society

Assessment Task 2–Presentation

Due date: Monday of Week 6 by 9AM AEST
Weighting: 30%
Length: 3 minutes maximum


Academic research on consumer behaviour has been an important driving force behind business decisions in the real world. In this assessment task, you as a "consumer behaviour expert” will bring the latest consumer behaviour research into practice.

First, please find a research article published in any 2015 issue of "Journal of Consumer Research”, the best consumer behaviour journal in the world.

Your task is to present findings of this research article and apply these findings to a real-world organisation. That is, you will provide recommendations on how the organisation could benefit from applying the research findings.

This presentation should be made within 3 minutes and through 4 PowerPoint slides. The slides should follow the subsequent structure:

  • Student information and presentation title;
  • Findings of the research article;
  • Recommendations for the organisation;
  • Reference list.

You will also prepare a script in which you will write out or at least outline what you intend to say in your presentation.

Please pay attention to the following details on presentation and submission methods:

  • On-campus students will deliver their presentation in class, and submit their PowerPoint file and script on Moodle.
  • Distance education students will record their presentation through PowerPoint's "Record Slide
    Show” function, and submit their PowerPoint file (with recording) and script on Moodle.
  • For all students, the Moodle submission of PowerPoint file and script will be due at 5pm AEST Friday Week 7. However, on-campus students may present in class prior to, during, or after Week 7, depending on their local lecturer/tutor's scheduling.

Assessment Criteria

  • PowerPoint design – 2 marks
  • Presentation clarity – 2 marks
  • Findings of the research article – 12 marks
  • Recommendations for the organisation – 12 marks
  • Referencing – 2 marks
  • Total – 30 marks
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