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Assessment Item 1—Developing a Presentation

Assessment Item 1

Focus: STP Analysis
Due date: Week 7 – Friday Midnight (Darwin Time)
Length: 1500 – 2000 words (should not exceed more than +10%; does not include references or appendices)

Weighting: 30 %


The Australian market is limited by its industries, size and location. The majority of Australian businesses are small and medium sized companies (SMEs) who increasingly are looking overseas to expand their marketing activities and to grow their business. Indonesia is one of the countries on which a growing number of Australian businesses are focussing their international marketing activities on, as Indonesia has a growing economy and due to the fact that the Australian Government is developing even stronger trade relationships with its neighbouring partner.

Although international marketing can provide a range of opportunities for Australian business, it is also challenging as each country consists of distinctive market environments and consumers. For this assignment, you will take on the role as an International Marketing Consultant who assists an Australian company to achieve a better understanding of the Indonesian market. In assignment 1, you will need to analyse your client’s existing approach to segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP), and develop and justify a STP approach for the Indonesian market.

Please note: Assignment 1 is linked to assignment 2 and you will have to focus on
the same business case for assignment 2!
Presentation: Assignments are to be typed, with one and a half line spacing, and a
12-point font size. Please also allow for page margins of at least 2cm each. Overall,
adopt a professional approach.

Assessment criteria

Industry sector and client (max 20 marks):

• Clearly demonstrate an understanding of your client’s business and the industry that it is operating in based on available company information and industry reports.
(quality of business and sector overview, use of a range of appropriate resources)

Analysis and critical discussion (max 30 marks):
• Analyse and critically discuss your client’s current STP approach based on company information, industry reports, academic literature and other appropriate resources.
(depth of analysis, criticality, and use of a range of appropriate resources)

Development and justification of a STP approach (max 30 marks):
• Develop and justify a STP strategy for the Indonesian market based on country information, industry reports, and academic literature.
(quality of STP approach, justification, and use of a range of appropriate resources)

Written report (max 10 marks):
• Paper is written in a report style and structured to support argumentation and readability; contains correct spelling and grammar; within the word limit.
(clarity of report structure, flow and readability, quality of writing, word limit)

Referencing (max 10 marks):
• Application of the CDU Harvard referencing style guide for in-text citation and reference list.
(correct format of references and reference list)


Late Submissions

• Late assignments will lose 5% of the available marks each day (or part thereof). After 10 days, assignments will not be accepted.

• You are to identify the sources of any ideas and words in your assignment that are not yours. Unattributed materials will not be included in the consideration of your assignment and serious cases will be handled in accordance with the Student Plagiarism Management Process.

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