SG6011 – Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship in Practice

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SG6011 - Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship in Practice


Assessment 1: Practical Assessment. (To be completed in groups NOT more than 6 students).
Business Plan (Group work)

This module has adopted a problem-based learning approach. For these reasons, you are to develop a business plan in your individual group based on the case study below:

Martyn Down decides to set up a business after graduating from university. Martyn’s desire is to push boundaries beyond acceptable conventions, but he has no business idea.

Martyn discussed his plan with his old friend who promised to invest in his business if he can explore and find a viable business idea supported by a strong business plan. Buoyed by this, Martyn decides to consult for support on viable business ideas.

Part I:
As a newly qualified consultant (in groups NOT more than 6 students),
You are to provide detailed support to Martyn in exploring new commercial ideas for his business using various idea-generation techniques taught in the module. This will be presented in a seminar session. Please note that this is an important session
to improve your employability skills, so I encourage every member of the group to engage in this exercise. Failure to engage with your group members will result in 5 marks deducted from your overall individual grade.

Part 2:
In your individual group, support Martyn in generating a business plan using the best structure to realise his objectives. Each component of the business plan should be justified with proper academic evidence. A generic business plan will be provided as a guide. The total word count for this assessment (Business Plan) is 2000 words. This business plan will constitute 70% of the marks for the practical assessment. Please, take note of the word count.
You will be given weekly opportunities to discuss your work, as a group, with your lecturer. 
Weighting: 70%
Assessment criteria:

Breadth of report 20%
Selection of solutions 50%
Justification 20%
Presentation 10%

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