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The module assessment is designed to support your learning and help you develop a deeper understanding of the topics covered in your module. The assessment is a 2,500 word essay based on your selection of a set question related to a contemporary issue in public health. Students will be expected to present the public health issue outlined in the set question before taking an evidence-based approach to answering the question.

Module Assessment 

Assessment Methods              Coursework

Description of Item                A 2,500 word essay based on selection of one of a number of set questions

% weighting                              100%

QM                                              40%

You must choose ONE question from the list below:

a. What are the most effective, evidence based approaches to preventing uptake of smoking among young people?

b. How can the government do more to support mothers to breastfeed?

c. In what ways should the government support low income families with children aged 0 to 5 years to eat well?

d. What should be the key priority areas for a new government sexual health strategy?

The essay structure is open and creativity is encouraged. Students will be required to produce a plan for their essay to submit to their tutor by the Wednesday of week 16 (after the assessment workshop), on which they will receive formative feedback. Some general requirements of your essay:

  • Define, describe and apply the core principles of public health (particularly the subsequent domain you are looking at)
  • Provide key context information, statistics and evidence on the topic you are looking at
  • Present research, statistics and literature on past or current interventions on the topic you are looking at
  • Make recommendations clearly linked to core principles of public health and evidence based practice
  • Apply a range of the core and additional readings in your citations and references list
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