SIM337 – Contemporary Developments in Business and Management

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Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law Assignment


Prepare a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words* on an organization within one of the following industry sectors**:

1. Postal and courier activities H53
2. Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles G45
3. Programming and broadcasting activities J60
4. Manufacture of rubber and plastics products C22
5. Rental and leasing activities N77

This report should assess the impact of external business environmental factors on the organization and evaluate the organization’s position and responses. In the case of a large organization, it is permissible to confine your report to part of the organization. An organization’s activities may range beyond the designated industrial sector in which case the focus of your report must be on the organization’s activities within the designated sector.

* You are advised to write between 3.500 and 4,000 words and the word limit is 4,000 words. This
word limit does not include the title page, the executive summary, the contents page, the organization profile, tables, diagrams, appendices or references. You must include an accurate word count on your title page.

(See the following link
8851/AQH-F14%20Policy%20on%20penalties%20for%20exceeding%20the%20prescribed%20limit%20for%2 0an%20assignment.pdf for guidance)

** According to the “International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities”

Task 1

Give a brief overview of the primary external influences to which the organization is subject and briefly explain the particular importance of each to the organization.

This first task should contribute no more than one-third of your overall report.

SIM337 -Contemporary Developments in Business and Management Sample 1

Task 2

Choose one of the following themes:
1. International Technology Transfer
2. Incremental and Radical Innovation
3. Marketing Communications Mix
4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

In relation to your chosen theme:

i. analyse its relevance to your chosen organization and how it influences policies and decision-making within your chosen organization or industry sector.
ii. critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s response.
iii. (if possible and appropriate) demonstrate some areas for improvement in the response of the organization.

SIM337 -Contemporary Developments in Business and Management Sample 1

Guidance notes:

Whatever organization you choose and whichever theme you chose, you must clearly demonstrate knowledge and understanding from research and reading wider than that contained in the module pack and core textbook. This is a REPORT and so must be presented in business report format and style. You must also structure your report to cover the tasks including point 2.I to 2.

iii above. This is an academic piece of work therefore you are expected to link theory and practice. You should take care to ensure that the work you submit has a high standard of presentation. This is an individual assignment. You must acknowledge your sources of information and evidence using the Harvard referencing system. All assignments are subject to the University’s regulations on collusion and plagiarism and must be submitted in electronic form for checking on Canvas for Turnitin and the Turnitin report must be submitted to JIRA along with your assignment.

Summary Assessment Criteria

1. Relevance: Directly relevant to the requirements of the assessment. (10%)
2. Knowledge: A substantial knowledge of relevant material, showing a clear grasp of themes, questions and issues therein. (20%)
3. Analysis: Good analysis, clear and orderly (20%)
4. Argument and structure: Coherent and logically structured, using an appropriate mode of argument and/or theoretical model(s). (20%)
5. Critical evaluation: Contains distinctive or independent thinking; may formulate an independent position in relation to theory and/or practice. (10%)
6. Presentation: Well written, with standard spelling and grammar, in a readable style with an acceptable format. (10%)
7. Reference to literature: Critical appraisal of up-to-date and/or appropriate literature. Recognition of different perspectives. Good use of a range of sources. (10%)

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