SNPG902 Effective Management in Health Spring

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Details of Assessment Tasks
2. Assessment task 2

Assessment Title Management Reflective Journal
Task Description

Select incidents from the present or the past and ‘journal’ these incidents fully in a diary. You may journal one (1) important incident that has made an impact on you personally, or you may journal an ongoing process at work as it unfolds.

Analysis of Journal
The analysis of the journal involves identifying the major and minor themes that can be identified within the journal. For example, you may identify a personality clash as a major theme and then identify anger and anxiety as minor themes.

The journal is a record of your reflections. As such it should include your thoughts on the incidents, your feelings and your insights through the analysis of the incidents.

Linking to Theory
When the themes have been uncovered and you have discussed these in relation to your thoughts and feelings you should try to locate these themes in the literature of theorists – publications from texts and journals. Does the theoretical information support your feelings about the incidents?

The Journal ideally should be formatted at the beginning of the semester and then make your entries each week. Your entries should include incidents you have encountered that have good, neutral or bad outcomes together with a critical discussion of the entry.

Each student will design their own Management Journal.

The student is expected to record evidence of their learning. This evidence may include critical management incidents, a brief case study, research of a particular practice issue, meaning of new management techniques, and/or professional development. The evidence provided by the student within this section should provide evidence that they have implemented a critical thinking approach to their nursing management, and can demonstrate their decision making (recognising and defining a problem, gathering relevant information, generating possible conclusions, testing possible conclusions, and reaching appropriate decisions).

The student should reflect upon their experience within this study management theory and practice, and provide a statement in regard to what personal attributes they have gained during study. A reference list shall be submitted at the end of the Management Journal.

There is an example included in the Assessment 2 section of the Moodle space


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