Social Media Marketing Report

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Assessment Task 2: Social Media Marketing Report Assessment Details

Weight: 35%

Words: 2800

References: 20 To be completed in pairs. If a student wishes to complete it individually that is also acceptable.

Building on Assessment 1: Social Media Situational Analysis, students are to write a social media marketing report for their chosen SME.

The structure will be as follows:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Channel
  • Plan
  • Social Media Network Channels:
  • Content Development
  • Social media Network Content 1
  • Social Media Network Content 2
  • Social Media Analytics and Metrics
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List
  • Appendices (if applicable)

The purpose of the report is to build on the findings from the first assignment to create a Social Media Marketing Plan. As with the first assessment, this report will draw on industry research, marketing research, core theory from the prescribed textbook and other information relevant to social media. As such, it will also require a reasonable research effort to ensure the report is of high quality. It will begin by identifying a number of reasonable and suitable objectives the SME should pursue in their social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Report

The following is a brief outline of what to include at each of the main sections:


Reasonable objectives based on the SWOT analysis from Assessment 1 are to be developed. The student should aim to develop a minimum of 3, but no more than 5 objectives that are suitable for their chosen SME. p.118 and 351 of the prescribed text provide some important information and key considerations for the setting of suitable objectives. Channel Plan A channel plan encompassing the main social media networks will be outlined in this section. p.150 of the prescribed text has an example of a channel plan, which shows the level of detail and type of information that should be included.

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Social Media Network channels: Content Development From the channel plan, the two most suitable social media channels will be selected and explained in greater detail. These will be justified with and supported by a combination of social media marketing theory (e.g. the Four Zones of Social Media in the prescribed text provides a wealth of information and considerations for choosing the correct social media and developing suitable content) and research (e.g. journal articles) to provide evidence as to why those recommendations are being made and to illustrate that they would work. Social Media Network Content 1 and 2.

For each of two social media channels identified in the previous section, original content suitable for that particular channel is to be developed and included in that section (ideally text, image or a combination of the two depending on the channel chosen, however, something like a video can certainly be accommodated). These will be a reflection of the theory and research used to justify the decisions made in the previous section.

Social Media Analytics and Metrics

The last two chapters of the prescribed text are dedicated to data management and measurement. Without such measures, marketers are unable to gauge the success of their marketing activities. In this section, students are to identify suitable measures for their chosen social media channels, explain how they are used and, specifically, how they will be used to determine whether the objectives set at the beginning of the report are going to be measured.

HRMT20024 Assessment 2 – Annotated bibliography

NOTE- Please refer all the attachments and assessment requirements. Use all content from all attachments below. This assessment is a part of the previous one I will provide a copy  of that assessment as well


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