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COU202A Mental Health and the Community

This consists of:

Article: 1500 words  -30%

Reflection : 500 words – 10%

Evidence of Academic Support – 10%


You are to read the three journal articles provided and then choose one to interpret and summarize. The articles are located on Blackboard under Assessments and also available from ECU library portal.

Article 1: Breiding-Buss, H., Smith, B., & Walker, P. (2012). Solo fathers with young children and their social needs. New Zealand Research in Early Childhood Education. 15, 186-193.

Article 2:  Rehel, E. (2014). When Dad stays home too: Paternity leave, gender and parenting. Gender & Society, 28, 1, 110-132.

DOI: 10.1177/0891243213503900.

Article 3:

Roia,A.,Paviotti,V.,Montico,M.,Monasta,L.,Ronfani,L.,&Tamburlini,G.(2014)Promoting effective child development practices in the first year of life: does timing make a difference? BMC Pediatrics.14.1-7. DOI:10.1186/1471-2413-14-222.

Guidelines for Writing a Précis

A précis differs from a book review in that it does not evaluate or critique the author’s work. A précis simply states an author/s thesis or argument and summarizes what the author/s is arguing.

The basic model you should follow in writing your précis is as follows:

  1. At the top of the précis should be the author/s name, year of publication; the article title, journal title, volume, number and pages. That is, the correct referencing of the article. (Check your ECU Referencing Guide )
  2. First paragraph: an overall statement on what the article is about; how the author structures the article; and the author’s thesis or argument. You might also think of the thesis as the author’s purpose for writing the article (the author often states his or her purpose explicitly in the preface or introduction).
  3. Each succeeding paragraph should summarize the content of each idea/concept presented by the author/s.
  4. A paragraph is also required as to how this article aligns to a developmental theory that is discussed in this unit.
  5. Refer also to the Framework and Rubric when undertaking this task.

Reflection – 500 words – 10%

Guidelines for writing your Reflection

  1. This is written in the first I understand now, I discovered
  2. It is very personal and usually does not require any referencing

3 Consists of 2 ( two ) sections

Part 1 – 250 words

Explain your process

  • in determining the task requirements
  • locating the journal articles , and
  • in completing of the task

Part 2 – 250 words

  • What skills did you learn from this task?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • Following this assessment task, what are the implications for your future study at ECU?

4. Refer also to the Framework and Rubric when undertaking this task.

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