Sociology – Critical Research Essay Information and Questions

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Critical research essay information and Questions

This assessment requires you to write a 3000-word critical research essay.

Remember to be informed and critical when writing your essay. This means that you should not simply write up your opinions, but rather devise rational and logical arguments that are based on clear evidence. This evidence should come from reputable academic or professional sources, and be cited in your research. Critical means that you should not simply take any one published assertion as necessarily true and correct. Instead you should evaluate and weigh up differing opinions to come at a logical argument about which is correct. Remember, terrorism is a complex and contested issue with lots of differing points of view – and it is not enough to just repeat various assertions and opinions, you must cite evidence and use logical argument.

Sociology - Critical Research Essay Information and Questions

For this assessment you should draw upon at least 12-15 sources which should include academic articles, government documents, and NGO reports. Newspaper articles may be included as a useful addition to these sources, but must be considered secondary to academic publications.

I prefer that you use the Harvard Style of referencing. There are instructions on how to use the Harvard system below.

Essay Questions

Please choose one question:

  • Just how religious is ‘religious terrorism’? Discuss with case studies.
  • Is terrorism an ancient phenomenon or should it be restricted to the modern world? Discuss.
  • Should the 2021 January 6 riot at the US Capitol Building in Washington be considered an act of terrorism or not? Discuss with case studies.
  • Terrorists are not born but made. Discuss whether you agree with this statement or not.
  • Internet technology and social media are playing an increasingly important role in contemporary rightwing terrorism. Argue either for or against with case studies.
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