SOE11147 Assessment Two – Coursework

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Career Development Plan and Management Development

Write a Report Critically Evaluating the Role and Application of Supply Chain
Performance Measurement Systems

The Assignment
Individually you will prepare a report which should include the following:
 Evaluating appropriate supply chain performance measures/models.
 A critical argument of relevant supply chain models/concepts from multiple sources, (supported by references) have to underpin discussion.
 A critical evaluation of the implementation challenges, including implications, issues, and weakness.
 Examples to support points.
 References in text and also end-list which should include mainly academic peer-reviewed journals!
 Appendices

Success Factors:
There are five main criteria for success:
 Introduction – setting the scene
 Understanding – Your reports should demonstrate a critical understanding of relevant Supply Chain Management Performance issues. You can best demonstrate understanding by applying concepts from the course and a literature review.
 Substantiation – The reports should be underpinned by evaluating and critiquing relevant theory/models, and using citations to demonstrate understanding. It is not a sales pitch!
 Insight – Your work must demonstrate critical evaluation and insight into the operation and relevant theory. This will come out across most sections.
 Presentation – The reports should be well structured and clearly presented, supported by adherence to the report writing style (Napier House Style on Moodle).

Report Specifications
Your report should be a maximum of 2,000 words excluding title page, executive summary, tables/figures, references and appendices. Sticking to a strict word limit is difficult and an important skill for you to acquire, so make sure that you write in a concise and focused manner. It should be typed font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing and
presented in portrait format, not landscape. You must use a formal report structure “Napier Report House Style” (See Moodle). An essential feature of the reports is to illustrate how theoretical constructs or models can help to explain the actions of organisations in practice. You are therefore advised to read widely. In fact, unless you have read and referenced at least 15 discrete references, it is unlikely that you have done sufficient reading. Sources from the internet must not be used. Apart from reputable and academic references that can be downloaded through the Internet, most Internet references are not considered reliable for an academic piece of work. Penalties will be applied for use of non-academic sources used to support SCM concepts (eg. Businessballs, MindTools, and anything
ending in pedia). Using lecture slides as referencing is also forbidden. Academic journals generally offer a better source than textbooks.

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