Software Development Models

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NURS 3044: Research Methodology

Q3 Different types of models of software development

Ans.  There are lot many types of Software Development Models are available, few couples of models are described as follows-

  1. Waterfall Model
  2. V model
  3. RAD model
  4. Incremental Model
  5. Agile Model
  6. Spiral Model

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It basically works on the development process and it is an extended version of the WATERFALL MODEL.

 Unlike, Waterfall model, it has a bent–upwards structure and it forms a “V shape.” It provides a connection between each phase of the development life cycle and the associated phase of testing and manipulating.

It is also termed as Verification and Validation model and used for short and small packets of projects where manipulation requirements are clear and sober. It has a few disadvantages as well – It provides the least flexibility, if any changes are required in a midway, then the entire document has to be updated.


It is the acronym of RAPID APPLICATIO DEVELOPMENT.  It basically works on mini projects and all of its component and functions work in parallel connections. The development is basically Time- Boxed, and assembled onto working prototype.

It gives quick output and feedback related to the requirement of delivery. Some of the phases of this model are as follows: –

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  1. Business Modeling
  2. Data Modeling
  3. Process Modeling
  4. Application Generation
  5. Testing and Turnover
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