SPO2003 – Physiological Basis of Sport and Exercise

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Health System, Policy and Financing Three Essays

Submission guidance

1. This assignment must be submitted electronically by 11.59pm on the submission date. You must
upload your work to the ‘Submit your work’ folder within the NILE/Blackboard module concerned.
2. You can resubmit your work as many times as you like until the deadline. If you choose to resubmit,
your earlier submission will be replaced – you will NOT receive an Originality Report until 24 hours
from when the submission was made. Do NOT leave it until the last minute to submit as there may be
a delay due to the volume of students submitting work.
3. If submitting through Turnitin, you will be emailed a digital receipt as proof of submission; please
keep this for reference.
4. You are reminded of the University’s policy regulations on academic misconduct and plagiarism – In
submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these
5. Late submission within seven days of the deadline will result in the mark being capped at a bare pass.
Beyond this time the work will not be marked.
6. Please ensure that you have read the assignment brief thoroughly and included all elements stated
within. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep an electronic copy of your assignment
for future reference.
This piece of work will be marked anonymously. Work that is marked anonymously should contain neither
the student name or number anywhere on the submission. Further guidance is available online.

Assessment and feedback:

You will be assessed on your ability to successfully address specified module learning outcomes (please refer to
the attached marking rubric for a breakdown of how the learning outcomes will be assessed). Feedback on the
academic and professional quality of the submission will be provided no later than four working weeks from
the due date. Guidance on how to view your Turnitin grade and feedback is available online.
This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:
A) Identify, and explain the acute physiological response to various stimuli such as fatigue,
training or environmental changes for exercise and or specific sports
B) Demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the physiological systems for example
the cardiovascular, endocrine and or energy systems.
C) Manage their time to meet identified goals and deadlines, and draw on a range of
resources to support the achievement of the associated task

The two essay titles will come online 72 hours before the hand in date. You will need to complete and submit one of
the two questions.
Assignment Brief
You will be provided with two essay questions. The assignment questions will focus on two areas we have covered in
the module over this term. Therefore, each question will have a clear focus on one of the physiological areas that
have been covered. You are to answer one of the two questions.

You only need to answer one of the two questions.
For this type of time constrained assessment, there can be no extensions granted so don't leave it to the last minute.
Technical details
Length: 2000 words (±10%).
Weighting: 50% of the module of overall grade
The word limit for the assignment is 2000-words (+10% permitted).

Assignment guidance:
Assessment Support/Feedforward
Pay attention to the wording of the questions and try to address them at your level of study for this year, i.e. level 5
requires much more than explanation and description – try to develop an argument in your writing and think of the
issues critically, with referencing to support your points wherever you can. Ensure your work remains relevant to the
essay title and avoid providing detail and information on areas which are not asked for in the essay title.
Please remember that constant guidance and advice for your work and this assessment will be available from your
tutors throughout the term should you need it. DO NOT be afraid to ask about anything of which you are unsure.
 Suggested Initial Readings
Exercise physiology: nutrition, energy and human performance. McArdle, William D.; Katch, Frank I.; Katch, Victor L.
Physiology of sport and exercise. Wilmore, Jack H.; Costill, David L.; Kenney, W. Larry (2008)
Principles of anatomy and physiology. Tortora, Gerard J.; Grabowski, Sandra Reynolds (2003)
See specific topic area reading lists
Some articles and text books can be found on TalisApire. However, students will need to search for, and use
additional readings.
Due to the nature of this Assignment, it is not possible to give formative feedback while it is in process. The feedback
for the first assessment in this module will provide you with some useful guidance.
Late submission of work
Any work submitted late will be awarded a LG grade.
Due to the nature of the assessment, there are no extensions available.
Feedback and Grades
Your grade and overall summary feedback will be available in Grade Centre. Please also click through to Turnitin for
within text comments.
• Academic Practice
 Please ensure that you read the university guidelines regarding plagiarism, collusion, and academic practice that
are provided in your student handbook.
Please note: if you achieve an ‘F’ grade, you will have the opportunity to re-submit this assignment by the resit deadline
date. You should ONLY re-work the content that has failed (refer to assignment feedback). You MUST clearly identify (e.g.,
highlight) the changes that you make in your re-submission.

Feedback Actions
Please include a summary of the tutor action points from your previous submission[s] for this module (if this is not your first
submission) and identify what you have done to act upon the feedback received within your submission. Do not submit this form
but write this at the start of your submission. It does not count towards the word limit.
Example – Key action points (max. 3) from previous submission[s] and actions taken:


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