Stereotypes Affecting Latinos

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Latinos are one of the largest refugee minorities in Spain and the U.S. They are associated with unauthorized immigration; thus, they become the target of bias and stigmatization. Additionally, they have the lowermost educational achievement of all ethnic groups concerning tertiary education and secondary school qualifications. As a result, this, to some extent, contributes to their increased rates of unemployment and their large number of unskilled jobs (Dávila). Several studies have been done concerning Latino job discrimination in the U.S. The studies examine whether gender and ethnic stereotypes cause discrimination against Latinos.

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According to the studies, Latino men are depicted as violent crooks who are immoral to women. On the other hand, Latina women are represented as sexually immoral, lazy, and domestic workers, significantly affecting the labour market projections of highly trained Latino women (Yemane, and Fernández-Reino). However, more Latino women’s discrimination is shown in high and medium-high skilled occupations like I.T. developers, payroll clerks, and sales representatives. These stereotypes are identifiable and intense such that even the young generation is conversant with them (Cauce, and Melanie). The Trump period may have strengthened these undesirable stereotypes, especially the Latino men attributed ones. It is different in Spain, where only Latino women are subject to discrimination. The stereotypes affect the young Latino movement, and their incorporation is dangerous to the economic, social, and political strength of the U.S. The depictions can harm the Latino’s self-esteem and other marginal groups that go through the same but somewhat. Expectantly, actions are being taken to eliminate the stereotypes and increase Latino representation in the job market.

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