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MN4062 - Principles of Management

Assessment Brief:
Students develop a personal project, according to their own interests. Examples of suitable persona projects include:
 academic, business or creative writing,
 a presentation such as a client pitch,
 visual artworks such as painting, sculpture or illustrations,
 a musical or theatrical performance,
 floral arrangement, décor or table design & presentation,
 fashion, costume or a uniform design,
 graphic design,
 photographic display,
 creation of a website,
 a short film or a script,
 props, set, audio, visual, rigging or effects design or project
 machinama,
 mood board or style portfolio,
 event design book,
 or any other form of project that the student and lecturer agree upon.
The aim of the project is to allow the students to explore any event management topic that they are interested in; as long as that topic bears some relevance to creativity and innovation in events management. Students should acknowledge that since this project assignment is quite open to interpretation, significant consultation with the lecturer may be required and that the lecturer will not HEP: 4375/CRICOS Provider Code 00246M EVT202A Personal Project T2 14.docx Page 2 of 3 necessarily be a subject matter expert in the particular topic or area of expertise that the student pursues. The student should always relate their project back to issues of event management; content of the project should be relevant to event management issues, but look at those issues through the lens of creativity and innovation. Each student must ALSO develop a marking guide for the project they undertake  AND compose a 400-word critical analysis. Together these documents will provide the lecturer with enough suitable background and technical information to allow for the interpretation and assessment of the quality of the student’s work. Each student should endeavor to be active prior to week seven, ready and prepared
to discuss their project and marking guide with the lecturer. The Marking Guide is to be submitted prior to the end of week seven.
There are two distinct deliverables as part of this assessment:
1. Marking guide – week 7
2. Personal project assignment – week 12
Marking Guide – 20 marks
Each student must develop a marking guide for their project. The marking guide should assign 50 marks to the various aspects, features, topics, or sub-topics that the a student wishes to pursue in their project. The student’s marking guide should not assign marks to diagrams, pictures, or broad categories such as, “Introduction” or “Content”. In addition, students are encouraged to avoid using value-laden terms that are open to the interpretation of the lecturer. For example, terms such as “pretty”, “beautiful” etc, or rely on the aesthetic qualities of the item or aesthetic sensibilities of the lecturer which may not agree with that of the student. Therefore, it is best to avoid such subjective marking criteria. The aim of the marking guide contract is to assist the student in focussing on their
project task; and to provide the marker with a codified marking guide with which to assess the work, based upon the specific direction and focus of each student’s particular topic or area of interest. Flexible and Online – Should FOL students desire to create a physical artifact the cost of postage to the appropriate campus is to be borne by the student. In this instance, FOL students are encouraged to photograph or video record the artefact where they can in an interest to reduce the cost of delivery.

Student Deliverable – 50 marks
As assigned by the student’s marking guide.

Critical analysis and reasoning – 30 marks
A further and final thirty marks will be awarded by the lecturer for the level of critical
analysis, creativity, and relevance to event management and creative practice or

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