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LSD403 Life Stages and Development

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The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: Task Summary To consolidate your knowledge of the impact of childhood experience and to evaluate the impact of lifelong experience on personality and human development, you are required to reflect on your own childhood experience. You will be required to identify and […]

Develop a Public Facing Poster on a Nutrition Topic

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OVERVIEW Effective communication skills are core to many professional as they are regularly required to share complex messages with members of the public in a simple and easily accessible form. For this assessment you will be required to research and develop a public facing poster on a given nutrition topic. The purpose of this task […]

MMK266 Consumer Behaviour: T1 2023

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Assessment Task 1: Interview Analysis (Individual) Overview As outlined in the Assignment Creative Brief, the purpose of Assignment 1 is to conduct an interview analysis so you can better understand how the target market perceives the client’s product. In Assignment 2, you will use these findings to develop a 30-second TV advertisement aimed at selling […]

Root Cause Analysis – Nursing Assignment

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Nursing Assignment Purpose: This assessment allows students to demonstrate sound understanding of the application of professional nursing standards, national health standards and organisational policy related to patient deterioration and a sentinel event. Please complete a root cause analysis (RCA) for case study below. Required words: 1600 words +/- 10% Task: Complete a root cause analysis […]

BSBPMG637 Engage in Collaborative Alliances

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Task 2 – Identify opportunities for and establish collaborative agreements Task summary and instructions What is this assessment task about? You are a change management practitioner contracted by MMI Professional Education as Program Manager. The Program will help the company realise the following strategic objectives: • To position the company as a leader for quality […]

BIZ201 Accounting for Decision Making

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Financial Scenario Report The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: a) Explain the role and importance of financial information in business decision making. b) Analyse and apply financial information to facilitate business decision making. d) Recommend financial decisions to relevant stakeholders. Assessment Task Calculate financial information for a given […]

HAT201 – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

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Assessment Description Assessment 1: Essay Individual Weighting: 20% Length: 1000 words Due: Week 5 Description: Students are to select one of the following topics and write a 1000 word essay. A) The Australian Hospitality Industry – Importance and challenges. B) The Australian Tourism Industry – Importance and challenges. Feedback: Comments and a mark will be […]