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BMA5105-20 Operations and Project Management

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S1. Assessment 1 – Individual proposal: a case based proposal for improvement 1. An ability to select and use appropriate tools for analysis of different operations and project management contexts. 2. Evaluation of practice to construct appropriate recommendations for improvement. 3. Critical analysis of different approaches to project and operation managements. This is a chance […]

The role of corporate social responsibility and ethics in business management

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Introduction In recent decades, corporate governance and ethical practices have taken the business environment by storm. The term ‘corporate governance’ can be defined as the set of policies and practices that guide a business undertaking to conduct its operational activities.  The ethical principles make sure that a concern manages its activities and processes after taking […]

BSOM023 KPIs Assessment

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Purpose of the Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to assess your knowledge and understanding of key operations management concepts covered in the course so far. Answer – BSOM023 KPIs Assessment Sample Assessment Task A company that manufactures clothing (DTKs Kidzone) for children is growing fast. The CEO has decided to reconfigure the supply […]

Case Study Analysis And Sample

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What are the main issue/issues of this case study? The main issue of this case study is retrenching the employees since the company is on the verge of collapsing its being done by the use of a colour-coded appraisal system and also using a new business approach so as to save the company from collapsing.  […]

HC2022 Market Research Assignment Sample

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Executive Summary The use of technology has created a major impact on business operations. In addition to that, evidence-based studies carried out in the field of technology, have revealed positive relations with business performance. In a current research report, there exists a wide range of benefits relating to the importance of digitalization in business operations. […]

MAA716 – Financial Accounting 2 Sample

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Section A – Asset measurement MAA716 – Financial Accounting 2 Requirement 1 The valuation models have been discussed hereunder:- Fair Value – In fair value, the assets are measured at their current market price. The carrying value of the asset is adjusted by debiting or crediting the revaluation reserve in the fair value model. Historical […]