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Ideas of Technology Structures and Social Boundaries for Organizations

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In modern days, organizations have become part of our social life due to the numerous interactions we have with them.  Organizations generally pose challenging aspects to our minds and hence necessary that we study them to understand how they function. This study includes understanding the organizational significance, how they operate in technical terms, boundaries and […]

Case Study Analysis And Sample

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What are the main issue/issues of this case study? The main issue of this case study is retrenching the employees since the company is on the verge of collapsing its being done by the use of a colour-coded appraisal system and also using a new business approach so as to save the company from collapsing.  […]

Approach to Poverty and Inequality

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Introduction  Poverty and inequality are two of the most dangerous social evils that hamper the living conditions of people in different parts of the globe. The essay fundamentally highlights these two concerns in the U.K. context and how these elements are linked to psychology and sociology. Over the years, the issues relating to poverty and […]

Hospitality and Venue Management Sample 2

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Impact of microenvironment on event venue and hospitality organizations: The influence of the current microenvironment on event venues and hospitality organizations could be evaluated only through a clear impression of the components involved in the microenvironment. The microenvironment of an organization refers to the elements that are identified in the immediate area of operations of […]

Hospitality and Venue Management

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Role of venues in events: Events have acquired substantial importance in the present times with the rise in popularity of corporate gatherings as well as the advancements in technology. The reduction in geographical barriers, as well as favourable economical factors, has been responsible for promoting various event venues across the world (Evans, 2015). However, it […]


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Introduction The process of franchising is essentially the arrangement where any brand provides the rights of operating business to any individual under their brand name. The gainer of the franchise license must make the arrangements of the infrastructure workforce and the additional resources. A legal contract is carried out in this process that serves as […]

EEPP4022 Events And Entertainment Planning And Project Management

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Word Limit: 2500 words (Plus or minus 10%). Learning outcomes assessed: Prepare a robust business case based on sound research and information sources. Prepare and present a comprehensive Project Plan based on a sound Project Planning methodology using Events Management and Business Management models, principles and practices. Explain the concept of planning in the context […]