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HI6032 Leveraging IT for Business Advantage

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1. Critically evaluate how technology can enable an organisation’s core business processes and support the strategic goals. 2. Analyse and comprehend the issues that arise with the acquisition and adoption of technology and recommend possible solutions. 3. Critically evaluate the ways in which information technology can contribute to organisational innovation, efficiency and overall corporate performance. […]

Assessment 2 LAWS505

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Applicable Policies: Refer to the Extended Unit Outline which addresses all relevant policies PURPOSE The purpose of this assessment is to assist students to contextualise their learning and use theoretical knowledge in a practical and real-life situation. Students are asked to use critical thinking and reasoning to suggest solutions to factual problems. This task requires […]

MMM240 – Organisational Behaviour

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Description Purpose You are required to submit Reflective Analysis entries on different topics covered in the unit and include one professional identity self-reflection, as specified below. The purpose of reflection entries is to consider the issues examined in class and in the weekly reading for the topics studied, and use this understanding to write a […]

7035BMS Genomic and Regenerative medicine

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You must produce a 2000-word laboratory book which is a suitable record of your activities in the laboratory, data analysis, critical analysis and reflections made over four laboratory sessions. Due to the nature of the assessment, and the Learning Outcomes that are linked to this, it is a requirement that you attend on site laboratory […]

BSBPMG637 Engage in Collaborative Alliances

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Task 2 – Identify opportunities for and establish collaborative agreements Task summary and instructions What is this assessment task about? You are a change management practitioner contracted by MMI Professional Education as Program Manager. The Program will help the company realise the following strategic objectives: • To position the company as a leader for quality […]

MLL235 Legal Practice, Ethics, and Policy

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Question 1 (25 Marks) Ms Beatrice Messina is a prosecutor with the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions. She is currently prosecuting a known criminal, who has previously been prosecuted for, and found guilty of, distributing narcotics, Romeo Montague. Mr Montague is being defended by Mr Benedick Padua. It is alleged that Romeo had attempted to […]

HAT201 – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

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Assessment Description Assessment 1: Essay Individual Weighting: 20% Length: 1000 words Due: Week 5 Description: Students are to select one of the following topics and write a 1000 word essay. A) The Australian Hospitality Industry – Importance and challenges. B) The Australian Tourism Industry – Importance and challenges. Feedback: Comments and a mark will be […]