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Finance Assignment Help in Australia

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Question 1 Polo Limited is an Australian finance business. Polo Limited enters into a two-year lease for a laptop with Apex Limited. Polo classifies the lease with Apex as a finance lease. The lease commenced on 1 July 2021 and included these key terms: Two annual lease payments of $2,500, with the first payment to […]

CBEH209 – Consumer Behaviour

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Unit Learning Outcomes addressed: 1)Understand the concepts in consumer behaviour in relation to products/services 2)Explain about the consumer behaviour theories 3)Analyse the consumer behaviour purchasing process 4)Differentiate the psychological and social factors influencing consumer behaviour; 5)Apply the factors influencing consumer behaviour on the decision making processDifferentiate Assessment Task: Students will be required to write a […]

PGBM07 – Cross-Cultural Management

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Instructions on Assessment: In 3,000 words, you must demonstrate your critical understanding of the importance of understanding the role of culture within cross-cultural management. Task One, Reflection: [see example of a blog entry at end of this brief] Based on the lecture and seminar themes you should reflect each week on what you have learnt […]


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Written report must be submitted through the LMS assignment Assignment Using the case study allocated to you, critically discuss aspects in the case study organisation such as the KM tools and KM techniques, KM models and KM processes, organisational learning and learning organisation, knowledge sharing and trust, communities of practice, applying knowledge for innovation, new […]

Employment Relations in Asia

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VIDEO SLIDES ESSAYS Slide 1 HRMT20027 ESSAY Discuss the role of the Fair Work Commission in the making and approving of agreements. (20 marks) Word Length: 1500-2000 words Please note that information that is relevant to this essay will be posted on the course website. Slide 2 Why is this question being asked? Resignation of […]


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Activity 1: Ford and Taylorism URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PdmNbqtDdI Questions to consider: Would workers in Australia, America or Europe accept the Taylorism in this form today? Consider the design of scripts for use in Call Centres, can you see Taylorism in that?  Explain. This ‘clip’ is showing history from 100 years ago.  Some would say that ‘the world has […]

Organisational Governance and Leadership

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This assessment aims to allow participants to explore and develop key capabilities in one of the three key leadership capabilities (competencies) addressed in the unit. There are three sections to this report: A self-analysis/-reflection A literature review, and A conclusion that outlines an action plan for development The assignment must focus on one of the […]