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PM606 Advanced Social Science Sample

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Literature Review – The positivist approaches and interpretivist approaches to social science, Focusing on the work of Max Weber Introduction This literature review has been focused on the second topic that has been focused on the positivist approaches and the interpretivist approaches to social sciences. The literature review will be based on the theory of […]

MANG6293 Project Management Sample

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Introduction In recent years China has been constantly in the news for its rise in infrastructural development along with its chivalry and willingness to give out loans to countries in need. Although both of these matters might look unrelated at first glance, both of them share a common thread that is often missed. Both these […]

Blog: Customer experience in a Café

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This is a blog that describes the experience of a customer regarding the failure of service and how the restaurant staff has responded to it. The service system, the policy to respond to customer requests and management of the service failures are discussed in the blog. It was a thanksgiving day in the US, i.e. […]