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Bus 302 Individual Assessment

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Assessment 1 Assessment Type: Business Plan Evaluation – Individual assessment – 2000 – 2500 word report. Purpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to critically evaluate a small business plan, and make supported recommendations to improve the plan to ensure achievement of the plan‟s objectives for various stakeholders. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes […]

Reading Gender Critical Analysis

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Length: 1600-2000 words Value Task: Complete one of the following options: OPTION 1: Apply one or more aspects of gender criticism and/or feminist literary theory to the task of interpreting Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and/or Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. You may incorporate analysis of various transmedia adaptations of these works where appropriate, but not at […]

CBEH209 – Consumer Behaviour

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Unit Learning Outcomes addressed: 1)Understand the concepts in consumer behaviour in relation to products/services 2)Explain about the consumer behaviour theories 3)Analyse the consumer behaviour purchasing process 4)Differentiate the psychological and social factors influencing consumer behaviour; 5)Apply the factors influencing consumer behaviour on the decision making processDifferentiate Assessment Task: Students will be required to write a […]

PGBM07 – Cross-Cultural Management

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Instructions on Assessment: In 3,000 words, you must demonstrate your critical understanding of the importance of understanding the role of culture within cross-cultural management. Task One, Reflection: [see example of a blog entry at end of this brief] Based on the lecture and seminar themes you should reflect each week on what you have learnt […]


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Written report must be submitted through the LMS assignment Assignment Using the case study allocated to you, critically discuss aspects in the case study organisation such as the KM tools and KM techniques, KM models and KM processes, organisational learning and learning organisation, knowledge sharing and trust, communities of practice, applying knowledge for innovation, new […]