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Reflective Practice

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Part A 1. Reflective practice is the process or ability to learn something new or gain something new from someone’s experience or work which helps to improve your work (Skills you need, 2020). 2. The underlying rationale for reflective practice is that gaining or obtaining the experience from the work of someone else alone does […]

Property Appraisal

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Property Appraisal Task 1 Hi there! I’m Gail Vanderburg, the Sales Manager at Virtual Realty. We have recently been distributing flyers around Blue Sky City to promote our agents and build our profile in the community. As a result, we got several calls from potential customers who received a flyer and are now asking us […]

HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issue

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HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issue BUY THIS ASSIGNMENT FOR JUST 70 AUD Email: cheapestassignment@gmail.com Whatsapp: +44-74800-56698 Call: +44-1233-690-654 Delivery Time – 2 days No Plagiarism Free Turnitin Report 100% Original Work TRIMESTER 1, 2017 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT    Assessment Value: 20% Instructions: This assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student […]