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Social Science Sample

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www.cheapestassignment.com +44-74800-56698 Social Science Article: Solo fathers with young children and their social needs Introduction The article is a research work on single parents mainly solo fathers who are upbringing their young children in society. It discusses about the implications of solo fatherhood on young children and throws light on the social needs of solo […]


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What are the main aesthetics/features of the genre of Heavy metal?  The sonic attribute that makes heavy metal music which stands out from other genres is intensity, and the ability to drive that intensity beyond what might be considered within the realm of comfort. A metal song is a vehicle of psychological exorcism, and the […]

Integrated Project

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Introduction Research refers to a systematic inquiry of a subject with the intention of creating new knowledge (Kasi 2009, p. 32). Research can also be aimed at revising existing information with reference to new facts. This essay covers a discussion on the role that research plays at a UK University and the various research tools […]

Five Essential Public Health Services

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The first public health service is to monitor health to identify and solve community health problems. The assessment should be recurrent after a given period and accurate to the details. It should identify health risks, pay close attention to vital records, and identify assets and resources (Wibberly, 2016). The assessment can be done using technology […]

MAA716 – Financial Accounting 2

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Learning Outcome Details Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate Learning Outcome(GLO) MAA716 – Financial Accounting 2 Sample ULO 1: Explain, discuss and integrate the technical and theoretical knowledge about the regulatory environment relating to Australian corporate accounting and reporting, and apply the relevant concepts to “real” situations. GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities GLO2: Communication GLO6: Self-management […]

SIM 335 – Project Management Sample

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Task 1: Ans. 1.  A project plan has certain principles and characteristics. These characteristics have to be rightly understood for the success of the project. Every project serves an opportunity to acquire some intended results by implementing a systematic approach to management. A project has certain characteristics like those that it has to be unique. […]