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Financial Management In Covid-19

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Introduction The implementation of appropriate financial management approaches is essential for the maintenance of the economy in the best possible ways. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic (also called the COVID-19 pandemic) has resulted in the advent of immense levels of stress on the economies of people across the globe. The following slides have clarified […]

Steps To Improve Your Assignment Writing Skills In A Day

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Writing assignments is one of the crucial performance factors of a student. Universities in the UK gives more prominence to assignments. Further, there is a close relevance to the area of study and the assignment work. It is indeed becoming critical to score good grades in that too. Developing the skills to write a captivating […]

eLearning – How Important it is in the Lockdown

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The COVID-19 has spread its wings of disruption in various fields. With the education sector changing its strategies in imparting development cycles through a systematic learning process, there is a need for everyone to understand the importance of e-learning too. That too, in this juncture, the online mode of teaching is considered worthwhile. Though many […]

Effect of COVID-19 on US Higher Education System

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With the highest number of corona cases in the world, the US is facing the most difficult situation due to the virus pandemic of 2020. Millions of people filing for unemployment benefits after losing their jobs, thousands of new patients getting admitted every day and the economy failing is causing chaos in the states. Another […]