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BSOM023 KPIs Assessment

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Purpose of the Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to assess your knowledge and understanding of key operations management concepts covered in the course so far. Answer – BSOM023 KPIs Assessment Sample Assessment Task A company that manufactures clothing (DTKs Kidzone) for children is growing fast. The CEO has decided to reconfigure the supply […]

NRSG258 – Case Study 2: Peter Harris Sample

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The current essay focuses on the case study of Peter Harris. The essay includes a discussion of the patients’ present condition and aetiology. The patient is suffering from Benign Prostatic hyperplasia. The essay also includes the pathophysiology of the patient’s present condition. The essay focuses on the pathophysiology of the post-operative deterioration of the patient.  […]

SIM 335 – Project Management Sample

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Task 1: Ans. 1.  A project plan has certain principles and characteristics. These characteristics have to be rightly understood for the success of the project. Every project serves an opportunity to acquire some intended results by implementing a systematic approach to management. A project has certain characteristics like those that it has to be unique. […]

Gene Report

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Identification of Protein the DNA sequence encodes The allotted DNA sequence was BLAST on blastn suite present on NCBI, the search was carried out on default parameters. The result of BLASTn was shown in Figure.1. The gene encodes for cytochrome c3 in Desulfovibrio Vulgaris with Query coverage (QC) and Percentage Identity (PI) of 100%. Other […]

Corporate or Organizational Culture

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Introduction  Corporate or the Organisational culture mainly defines the uniqueness and the behavioural culture that follows in an organization. This gives uniqueness to the psychological and social environment of the organization. This mainly represents the specific values and the beliefs of the organization. Through the cultural aspects of an organization, the standard and the future […]

HI6027 Business And Corporations Law

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Question 1 Introduction For any contract to be valid, it is essential for it to have the main elements present in it, which is considered to be required for any contract to be valid, by law. Consideration is one such component of a contract. Besides these, the other important elements are acceptance, legal intention, offer […]