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International Dimensions of Marketing

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Section 1: Company Overview Jane Butler established the high-end knitwear brand Janey B in 2012. The brand, with roots in the United Kingdom, creates luxurious knitwear for both men and women. Janey B is dedicated to making classic, timeless items using time-honored British materials. Jumpers, cardigans, scarves, hats, gloves, and other accessories crafted from the […]


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Introduction Different factors determine the health of human beings. Genetics is one of these determinates consisting of age, sex or family history of the disease (Lewis, 2016). It strongly affects the particular human population and creates diseases such as sickle cell disease. Another determinant is poverty. Due to it, several illnesses among people like stress, […]

Ethics and Research in Professional Contexts (SH5000): Part 2

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Assessment 2: Research Proposal Template (40%) Headings you must address Guidance Research / statement question What do you want to find out/ examine or explore? What is the main question / statement you wish to answer/ explore? Have you included a specific target population and location/ context in your research question / statement? Introduction What […]

Psychology Essay Writing Help

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Essay 2, 2000 words (+/- 10°/o) Discuss the differences between Freud and Jung’s approaches to religion I spirituality. Discuss a recent piece of culture (art, film, TV, popular culture) or news story as a manifestation of one of the binaries we are grappling with this term (see the non­ exhaustive list of binaries on slide […]

7PROP004W Asset Management

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MODULE AIMS, LEARNING OUTCOMES AND INDICATIVE CONTENT Module Aims The module aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the key accounting concepts and terminology that will enable students to construct financial statements and analyse financial information. The module also enhances students’ knowledge and critical thinking of Corporate Real Estate Management and Strategies, with […]